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One thing that I do not like about the Manchuria is, it is not as personable. There are so many people and you may only see your minister on a giant screen. In our grandparents and parents generations your minister would great you as you were leaving church after the sermon, and at times there would be potlucks afterwards were everyone would attend. In this day and age everyone is off and running to their next obligation, and unfortunately because everyone is so busy religion in some areas is becoming secularists.

In watching the film Judgment Day Intelligent Design on Trial, I understand the townspeople who want another theory taught besides Darning’s Theory of Evolution; but do not believe Creationism or Intelligent Design is the right way to go. Many of us believe in the Bible and it’s teaching, and we believe in science as well; there needs to be a way to come to a rational decision without having another Dover situation. In all honesty, it us up to the parents to let their children know about Creationism.

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Going to church and practicing our religious beliefs every Sunday was as common as sitting down with your family every night for dinner. Today’s generation is lucky to have dinner once a week together and may not attend church at all. Americans are so busy with their lives that without being taught religion as our parents and grandparents were, many may doubt what they hear their grandparents speaking and become atheists or convert to a different religion. Popular media shares the stories of Al-Qaeda and Isis with everyone almost nightly.When the younger generation sees this and they get mad at their parents or schools they run away to join a terrorist group who is following only specific parts of their religious beliefs. Before there was the internet and satellite television, there were still stories like these all over the world, of atheists mad about what is being taught or terrorists mad because the Koran was disrespected but not everyone knew about what was going on.

The media has a job to do in reporting news; but sensationalistic every Story is doing more harm to our world than good.

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