DNA could use DNA to track people

DNA is a building block of the cell. Nowadays is used to identify criminals and robbers how have stolen belongings from people. DNA is what is in human cells and is in nearly every living organism as the constituent of chromosomes. DNA is very important part of what police use in investigating criminals and arresting them. Long before police could use DNA to track criminals, police would have to find them and arrest them. DNA is a really important part of our bodys and is the piece that identifies people. DNA is a very important part of the human body, it is a component of our blood that distinguishes people from each other. The importance of DNA to our society cannot be understated, one way that is uses is for identifying criminals and arresting them. The police use DNA found on crime scenes and give it to forensic scientist who are able to find out who committed the crime. This, is also called a “genetic fingerprint.” (DNA Wikipedia) Before the technology was established for DNA profiling, police had to rely on eyewitness testimony in order to arrest people. However many crimes went unsolved because no eyewitness saw who actually committed the crime. This caused many people to get arrested and put in jail from being wrongly accused of crimes and the criminals got away. Since police could use DNA to track people down, less and less crimes have gone unsolved and a lot less people have been falsely accused of crimes and criminals have got justice. If DNA were to be found forensic scientist “People charged with serious crimes may be required to provide a sample of DNA for matching purposes.”(DNA Wikipedia) That is how criminals would get arrested. This is how many criminals got put to justice for all the crimes they committed and what they are getting arrested for. When they would find the criminal and they would arrest them based on what they did to the victim. Forensic scientist help aid police officers in investigating and arresting criminals for their crimes, this technology helped solve many cold cases and helped release those who were falsely imprisoned. Every living organism has DNA, one organism that has DNA is plants. Plants are harder to identify with DNA because “animals have more chromosomes; plants have fewer.”(Plant DNA and Animal DNA) Plant DNA is very important because if plants didn’t live we wouldn’t have clean air. One example of why we need plants is because we rely on them for clean air. Most plants have a molecule ” Cytochrome c is perhaps the canonical or paradigmatic molecule.”(Plant DNA and Animal DNA) This is one of the many molecules in plant DNA. With this knowledge we have been able to make new types of food and combine plants together to make a hybrid. Some plants could not be as good as they are today if it weren’t for DNA. Scientist modified the DNA strands of plants that making plants easier to farm. Many people have tested DNA. But some have been able to use it to engineer different objects like foods, and animals. Through testing DNA we have been able to find many disorders known as “Down’s syndrome individual have three copies of the chromosome number 21.” (Science Desk Reference) This is a procedure that they do on women to find out if there unborn child will have Down’s syndrome. When this test happens “A few other unusual chromosome combinations have been described, such individuals usually not born alive.” (Science Desk Reference) Knowing this information is good to make you more prepared for dealing with if a baby that may have a birth defect. In conclusion through DNA testing we have been able to find out birth defects and family trees. The intended users are police and scientists but also the general public uses it to trace ancestry. Trough DNA testing we have found out “Modern genetics arose to explain how genes function, and to identify the chemical and physical makeup of a genes.”(Science Desk Reference) To know this is finding where your DNA came from and who lived before you, and what traits you got from them and what you will pass on.  Our genes help make our body “The part of each chromosome that include the genes is a single giant molecule of a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).” (Science Desk Reference) I have learned from all these DNA testings that each person is made different from all of their genes. In conclusion, the technology of DNA has shown us who we are and where we came from. What every part of DNA is and why every part of it is there. When doing my science project I have discovered “When a chromosome divides as part of cell reproduction, a special enzyme gradually takes the two halves of the twisted ladder apart; each half is called DNA.”(Science Desk Reference) To know what DNA is it is important to know how it was made and why it was made. Each part of DNA is made of different objects like “DNA is a polymer, since it is formed by stringing together nucleotides at any length.”( Science Reference Desk) Since DNA is a polymer it is able to move and bend to any length. I want to learn more about how DNA is so important for humans, animals, and plants. Every living organism is composed from DNA, knowing this is important for various reasons like crime solving, finding ancestry, and family medical history. To have an understanding of what DNA is and how it affects our lives. With this technology we have been able to unlock the mysteries of DNA. In conclusion I never knew how DNA could be changed to make plants and animals to make them bigger. Also to treat many diseases and illnesses humans get.


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