Distinguished between applied and research essay

1. Distinguished between applied and research. According to the text Research Method for Generalist Social Work it stated , for generalist social workers, research problems or questions usually are determined by their agencies; these questions are directed at solving problem arise in practice and are intended to produce practical outcomes. This type of research is known as applied research. When research is instead aimed at satisfying our intellectual curiosity, even if the results eventually will be applied to help solve practice problems, it is known as pure research.

If the extinction between pure and applied research seem difficult to understand, some would argue that is because the distinction does not really exist in social work. Social work is an applied field, so any questions related to social work in any way will be some type of applied question. Also Note that research questions are constantly under review and can change at any time given the availability of new knowledge or new resource. 2.

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Describe the three types of questions that are asked in generalist practice social work practice.The text states that the three types of questions asked are Practice Evaluations, Program Evaluations and Needs Assessments. These questions evaluate the effectiveness of individual practice and are known as practice revaluation. Stated in the text an example of practice evaluation, is How effective is the grief counseling I am providing to Mrs.. Garcia in helping her to cope with the death of her husband? This question is trying to prove if it is true or not. It is recognized as an integral element of social work.

Aerogram evaluation evaluates the effectiveness of a program. This type of question relates directly to the generalist social worker function of promoting the effective and humane operation of the systems that provide resources. An example question is How effective is the Change for families program in providing services that support and protect victims of domestic violence? A Need assessment question describe the extent of a social program.

An example of a need assessment question is what are the needs of adolescent fathers in Sacramento?Generally a quantitative approach is used for a needs assessment, since most need assessment are concerned with generalization of results rather than in depth understanding how people experience social robbers. (Marrow, 2011) 3. Discuss the three types of research strategies. The three types of research strategies are the strategies the determined by three factors, the intent or goal of research, the amount of information we already have on the topic to be investigated and the intended audience. (Marrow, 201 1) The main strategies are descriptive, explanatory, and exploratory.Descriptive research describes, records, and report phenomena.

Descriptive research can provide important fundamental information for establishing and developing social programs he explanatory research aims at roving explanations of events to identify causes rather than simply describing phenomena. (Marrow, 2011) Explanatory research requires the formulation of a hypothesis, which is simply a statement about the relationship between certain factors. Explanatory research is found in the social work literature, and as generalist practitioners, you may be directly involved in such results.The Exploratory research deserves mention (Marrow, 201 1) this strategy is undertaken when little is known about the topic under study. Such studies can adopt either descriptive or an explanatory strategy. Qualitative or quantitative is appropriate with exploratory research. Exploratory research often determines a study s feasibility and raises questions to be investigated by more extensive studies using either the descriptive or the explanatory strategies. Descriptive, explanatory, and exploratory are the three types of research strategies.

4.Discuss the ethical issues in deciding the research questions. According to the text, two ethical issues are center stage in research process concerned with deciding On the question. The question applicability to social work practice and the availability f funding. (Marrow, 2011) One concern when you are deciding on research question is whether and how the answer to the question is going to contribute to the field of social work. Usually, applicability to practice is not too much an issue for generalist social workers, because most questions derive directly from our practice in an agency. Marrow, 201 1) If your question has evolved from your personal experiences, you must ask whether answering the question is really going to assist the clients you serve. (Marrow, 201 1) This issue presents another reason for adopting more participatory action research, it is rooted directly in clients concerns, and they become active contributors.

The other issue is availability of resources, in agencies research projects may be conducted because funding is available for these projects. Certain issues may be a priority at the local, state, or federal level, and funds consequently become available.You should be aware of the reason you are conducting research on these issues, namely, at least in part, the availability of funds. ( Marrow, 2011) In addition, you may sometimes want to confirm for yourself whether a research program deserves an investment f time and money. The best source for this type of information is the literature and colleagues. (Marrow, 2011) 5. Discuss human diversity issues in deciding research questions.

Human diversity issues in deciding research question you should be aware of the researchers characteristics can influence their research and that agencies may promote biases.According to the text, it is important to note that the problem of “researcher identity bias” can still exist. (Marrow, 2011) Although socioeconomic Status is interrelated to other aspects of diversity, particular race/ethnicity, almost certainty the researcher ill be well educated and middle class and the participants more likely to be poorer and less educated, introducing a whole set of socioeconomic values. (Marrow, 201 1) One strategy for addressing this issue is for the researcher to undertake a participatory approach.

Although the input and participation of organization members are essential, these evaluations do need to be counterbalanced by outsiders’ evaluations. (Marrow, 201 1) Chapter 4 Writing the Literature Review and Identifying Variables 6. What is the Literature Review? Literature Review is defined as consulting with written material relevant to a search problem.

This written material can be found in a variety of places including libraries, public and private; city, state, and federal buildings; social agencies, private collections; and political, professional, social, and interest group organizations such as NASA. Marrow, 2011) The literature review assist with developing the questions in the following ways such as connecting the research question to theory, identifying previous research and given direction to the research project. 7. What are some ways to access information for the Literature Review? According to the text, Academic braises have traditionally provided research literature and tools for research, including indexes and abstracts.

(Marrow, 201 1) Library sites or their OPAC are often important links to much more than print. Many Catalogs provide advanced search features permitting terms to be combined. . What are the difference between independent and dependent variable? The independent variable and the dependent variable are of primary concern in an explanatory study where specific variables are identified as contributing to specific outcomes,in other words,the stud attempts to establish causality.

The independent variable is the variable that can affect other factors in research. Len a program evaluation,the independent variable is the program itself-The dependent variable as the outcome variable that has presumed Ben affected by the independent variable. N a summarize program evaluation where you are interested in whether a program goals are been met,the dependent variable would be those goals. 9. List and name the levels of measurements in research The levels of measurement in research are the extent to which a variable can be quantified and subsequently subjected to certain mathematical or tactical procedures. The Nominal level of measurement is defined as ,Data are assigned to categories based on similarity or difference.

The Ordinal is defined as Data are sequenced in some order.The Interval is Data are sequenced in some order,and the distances between the different points are equal-Last the Ratio which is Data are sequenced in some order,the distances between the different points are equal,and each value reflects an absolute magnitude. The zero point reflects an absence of the value. Chapter 13 Research Writing 10.

What is a research proposal? Research Proposal is defined as a paper proposing the undertaking of a specific type of research. This is often necessary to obtain permission and funds to conduct the study.Writing the proposal can also directly assist the researcher in conceptualizing the research. By systematically thinking through each step of the research process,as is required in the research proposal,the research can gain insights and clarification regarding the research 2011) 1 1 List the components of the research proposal The components in the proposal are statements of the research epic,literature review,research questions and hypotheses,research designs,sampling strategy,data collection,data analysis,presentation of results,administration and budget,and credentials of the researcher and other relevant personnel.Taking theses conditions into consideration,generally a standard outline for writing research proposals. 12.

Discuss the ethnically issues in research writing. The ethnically issues in research writing are Confidentiality of the results,just as confidentiality needs to been ensured during data collection phrase,it also needs to be preserved in research. Subjects identities should nit be disclosed without permission.The NASA Code of Ethics States the Social workers engage in the evaluation of services should discuss collected information only for professional purposes and only with people professionally concerned with this information,Another related issue is Referencing Appropriately,whenever research is being planned and conducted,it is imperative that you consult other work that has been completed in the target area(C. Marrow 2011 )Make sure to recognize others contributions to avoid plagiarism.

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