Discussion of networking and its

Discussion of networking and its roles:Networking has played ahuge role in effective global information communication something which allows andconnects users to access resources, hardware and services with other users regardlessof their location.

The underlying principles of networking is of vital importanceas it has connected the world by the grouping of small networks throughinternet links to support global communications. Network computing devices caneither be connected through cable media or wireless media but the best-known computernetwork is the Internet.Main benefits of computer networks include:·        You can easilyshare data with other users usingnetwork-connected peripheral devices, or access it remotely even if you keep iton other connected devices.·        You can also sharea single internet connection as it helps reduce costs and can help protect yourcomputer systems if you secure the network properly.·        It also helps savestorage capacity if multimedia, such as images and music, are stored on othermachines or network-attached storage devices.

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Networking computers also help to improvecommunication, so that:·        You can shareinformation and get in touch easily with staff, customers or friends andfamily.·        Your business canbecome more efficient – e.g. networked access to a common database can helpsave time and prevent errors.·        Staff can dealwith queries of customers and deliver a better standard of service as a resultof sharing customer data.So what are the types of computer networks?There are several typesof computer networks. Computer networks are characterized by their purpose andsize.

Some of them are: ·        LAN (Local AreaNetwork)·        WAN (Wide AreaNetwork)·        MAN (MetropolitanArea Network)·        PAN (Personal AreaNetwork)A LAN can be as small astwo computers interconnected with each other by a single cable to share abroadband or an ADSL connection but now LAN devices can be used over greatdistances as it can span many sites within a town or city. 


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