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Commuting reimbursement covers the employees cost of travel to and from work locations on a regular basis, outside of those times the employee is working. Simply, you get paid to drive to and from the office. Flat rate, mileage reimbursement, per day based on travel distance – level a radius, B radius, etc… Any of that works. Perhaps the company actually provides busing from commuter lots located in towns at 30 mile intervals. Electric buses, none of that gas powered clunky stuff. What do you think employees’ general attitudes are towards the benefits packages?

How can an organization monomaniac the value of a benefits package? Developing an effective benefits package is a challenge during the recession. Pay & Benefits gathered industry leaders together in a bid to address the issues surrounding strategic benefits in an economic downturn. Developing a meaningful benefits package that adds both value and encourages engagement among an organization’s workforce is a challenging task facing compensation and benefit advisers in the current economic climate. How do demographic regions play a role within an employee’s compensation?

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What type of data old be needed to determine an employee’s compensation? Explain your answer. For government jobs, there is a base pay based on the grade, and then additional compensation based on each step within the grade. Then the pay value has a multiplier based on the cost of living in the area as compared to the national average. So someone in a more expensive city will have a higher multiplier. For non-government jobs, companies generally pay as little as they can while still getting qualified employees.

In areas where the cost few living is higher, market forces cause the pay to be higher as people will not accept the lower paying jobs. When determining an employee’s compensation package, what is more important: work experience or education? Provide an example that supports your choice and a rationale that validates your position. This question is almost as important to figure out as which came first the chicken or the egg. Of course there is a debate about both, LOL. But I feel that they are both vital to the overall work performance of the individual. And this would be different for each company and situation.

Some organizations that have very specific qualifications, licensing, etc have a set education requirement they need to meet. For example, a RAN for a specific shift at the hospital the education requirement could be met; however the experience might not be met, so a lower employee compensation package could be offered. Or the RAN might choose to work per diem to obtain experience. I tend to feel that a few years ago, like in the sass’s and prior not all people went on to college for a degree. They might have gone on for a specialized career, but many people graduated high school and joined the workforce.

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