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The writer broadcasted the benefits and features f the product by employing the under-listed persuasive writing techniques: Rhetorical questions ” which normally do not require answers but they get the audience to think (Plymouth City Council, 2012). This method was utilised in the first sentence of the elevator speech, “Do you want airtight security for all your computer devices or cellular-phones? ” Personal pronouns – words such as “You”, “Your”, and “Our” were used in the body of the elevator speech to make potential customers believe the writing was directed at them (Plymouth City Council, 2012).

Language style – according to Huggard et al 2006), is “How the writer ‘say’ things”; was purposefully used in the elevator speech (with the help of a few words) to impress the audience. The following words were strategically used: ‘airtight’, ‘innovated’, ‘state-of-the-art, ‘imaginable’, and ‘impregnable’. Elevator Speech Do you want airtight security for all your computer devices or cellular- phones? Well Ian Campbell, from SecureNet Inc. has the ultimate solution, TrofXonk Security System. It protects your emails from hackers with its innovated send/receive mechanism.

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The interactive real-time protection omes with a state-of-the-art built in anti-virus to fully secure computer devices and cellular-phones against all imaginable online threats. It also has an impregnable web-drive to safeguard your records. The military, banks, accounting firms, and others use this software. Visit our website at www. secureNet. com or call: 1-800-813-2991 to order. Conclusion In closing, it is important to note that the SecureNet Inc. commercial attempted to get the audience’s attention (prospective buyers) at the beginning of the advertisement.

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