Discrimination in for all. Although women, people of

Discrimination Against A Mockingbird Have humans ever heard do not judge a book just because of its cover? Everyone has heard this but why is there still judging other people just of because what they look like.  Many people are dealing with discrimination today and throughout history and question what is causing this discrimination between Men and Women. There is allot of it in the U.S. lots of people today conclude about the color of skin where people came from the gender people come and how people act personally with other people.  Everyone should get the rights they deserve other than getting the rights they do not deserve everyone should step up to get rid of these unequal rights once in for all. Although women, people of color, and people with disabilities are experiencing unfair discrimination in the workplace, society and business are starting to take stand to reduce the problem.

According to Mia Bush, author of the article “US Women Make Strides Toward Equality, But Work Remains, “Nearly half of billion women don’t have education they are denied of learning”(Bush) This is important because women need education to get a job or know how to read or use proper language when talking to a customer or there boss. Getting a education will make life easier it can help us to whether make a good decision or a bad decision in life. Women are dealing with not getting a education right now. They are getting less and less education than man they are not getting taught to read or write. Many womens are struggling to read a single word or write they are not cared about while men are succeeding in their education because they are worth more than women are. Men are focused on more in school womens are ignored by the teacher and less paid attention to.

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When education was finally brought in for women to attend school. Since then in 1982 women got a bachelor degree more than man. Women have outnumbered men in a degree and enrollment rates. Women can be more successful than man but they are not honored by any of the teachers for their academic success in school. In Mia Bush, author of the article “US Women Make Strides Toward Equality, But Work Remains, “Women won the right to vote they make up about half of the workplace and earn a higher percent of college degrees than man”(Bush) On the date August 18, 1920 Women fought everyday in their life because they wanted to get the rights they deserve.  Women did not get a lot of respect from people men got more respect than women did and that is unfair for women. Women were disrespected and should get respect more than man were and were not treated fairly. Men were treated fairly so it became a big problem for women more women kept joining in to fight.

More kept fighting and fighting to get what they deserve after a while many on August 18, 1920. The right to vote has become a law 19th amendment of the United States Constitution made the law for women to vote come alive. Women that time did not have all the exact rights like men did in the past but on this date everyone is made equal.


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