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Discrimination is defined as the way an individual is treated unfairly and unequally. Unfortunately, it is a direct favor to an individual of their age, race, gender, disability, religion, or language. Discrimination is considered of an individual based on their beliefs and values of a certain group or even judging a person differently from others of a group.
Discrimination impacts the working of a team by not able to perform their work productively. It can have the potential of changing the work environment of a person because he or she is feeling like the treatment they are receiving from others is unjustified because they are different from the others in the workplace. Perhaps, in a case like this, it will make the person less interest in doing his or her job. Also, discrimination can prohibit an individual from giving their most potential, because they have lost their confidence in themselves. Discrimination not only affect the personal abilities, but it can have an impact on a person mind which results in not interacting with others.
One example of how discrimination can be resolved is to make sure the workplace policy is properly enforced to let it be known that the primary goal is to avoid inappropriate behaviors. The policies should be within the handbook. At any facility, each employee should have a good understanding of the handbook. Also, future head leaders should know how to apply workplace policies in a fair and consistent manner. The policy should be regularly reviewed to ensure that its effectiveness is maintained. With the importance, a workplace policy that prohibits discrimination should be developed. According to (Lenard, 2018), ” The policy should cover a broad range of potential discrimination act.” By enforcing this policy against discrimination and harassment based on their color, age, gender, sex, religion, or disability it will ensure the employees of a free safe and healthy workplace. The policy will give actual examples of prohibited behavior that is not tolerated in the workplace and if complaints found to be true it will action taken. Having policies and procedures are the way of recognizing inappropriate behaviors of handling the situation. This way it can encourage others to have respect for others. As a result, not knowing how to properly be mindful of others could escalate the situation. By being consistent is very important shows that you expect everyone to be treated fairly. Also, it should be stated clearly of zero tolerates in the workplace toward others. This will allow the employer or employee to have a better understanding of how to resolve any issues that may occur in the workplace.
I think discrimination can be avoided with diverse teams because everyone has to understand the importance of each individual. Perhaps, if the company work as a team whereas working against each other in the workplace they could bring different talents and ideas together and create a strong team which can achieve a common goal for the business. On the other hand, discrimination can be avoided by setting out policies and procedures to inform the employees that there is no bias accepted in the workplace just because we are all different. Also, with some training of different culture of understanding their backgrounds and belief could avoid any conflicts and frustration that may occur toward the other employees or the employer. In order for employer or employees work as a team without discrimination, everyone should come together and communication. This way everyone gets to know the person better before considering judging or treating the person differently. As a result, working with a diverse team can be good for the business, but most importantly it will build a stronger working relationship which can create a positive work environment.


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