Discrimination And Its Effects essay

The people involved have reacted to the issue through lawsuits and co implants; this has become a problem because numerous companies are being accused by form err employees and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of appearance favoritism. U unusually, schools have been practicing appearance discrimination as well. School districts’ Nixon Sistine dress codes have gone too far; meaning that school districts are to be cautious with what i s considered as a violation of a dress code policy.Should schools and companies be allowed to discriminate through “requirements” or “policies” against what they consider not to be ‘the eight look”? Hiring people based on their attractiveness instigates sex, race, and physical d usability relevant types of discrimination. Elf someone believes that Africanizing fee males are more attractive than Indian females, that person is risking race discrimination.

Whew n the topic Of appearance discrimination emerges, most people will acknowledge that it is b eased.Stores that follow the trend of hiring workers in order to “project an image” are susceptible el to controversies seesaw and lawsuits. “If you’re hiring by looks, then you can run into problems of race discrimination, sectional origin discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination and even disability discrimination”(Greenhouse 2).

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By simply requesting a certain image when hire Inning, compares may be exposed to several obstacles including appearance discrimination.So me may argue that, by law, companies retain the right to appoint employees based on their good looks because it is what the job requires; it is store “policy’. Companies hire Goodling people for company benefits. For example, if Firebombed and Fitch had overweight clerks working g at their store, enthusiastic customers would not be comfortable shopping there. This is due o Firebombed and Bitch’s push for a “Classic American Look” (Why looks.

.. 3) among employees i n their store. Others may argue that, “You are a personification of who [the company] you work for” (Pap 2).This means that when working in a specific company, one needs to follow and adhere to requirements; including store theme and/ or colors because working at a store means representing it, that is the policy that is to be followed.

When applying for a job, the candid ate knows what is expected and can not directly act according to personal beliefs. Companies m ay even request a certain look to attract customers and market more items. However, some store sees employ in order to “project an image”, which can lead to various misinterpretations.By doing s o companies are “skirting the edges of nondiscrimination laws”(Greenhouse 2). Elizabeth Nil’, a sophomore at Northwestern University, shops at Firebombed and Fitch. She says that man gears have approached her and offered her a job as a clerk at no more than three Barber imbibe stores . That is due to her “Classic American look” (Rhode 3), Ms. Nil is afoot and blond ha red, based on her appearance she looks as if she belonged in an Firebombed and Fitch ACTA log said Antonio Serrate (Greenhouse 1,2).

This is an example of race discrimination .White p people are more Seesaw likely to have blond hair and blue eyes. There are not plenty of Africanize NAS with blond hair and blue eyes, unless Of course they are artificial; for example, blond wee eves or wigs and blue eye color changing contacts. This is discriminative toward a race like Africa Americans because they are more likely not to get the job as a clerk at an Firebombed a ND Fitch store due to their appearance. Hand Khan was an employee at Hollister until she was fir deed for refusing to remove her hajji; she eventually sued the parent company, Firebombed andFitch (Hughes 1).

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined that KHz an was unreasonably fired by the chain (Ho 1). This is an example of discrimination b eased on religion, race, and ethnicity because Khan was fired for not removing her hajji, which is a head scarf worn for religious purposes. Hajjis are usually worn by Muslim women, thus t his address the race and ethnicity factor in the type of discrimination. Therefore, when Khan was asked to remove her hajji she was shocked because she never had a problem like that before (Ho 1).Wearing a hajji for religious purposes does not interfere with a store’s “look p lice” because then the individual is also deprived of selfishness. Enforcing a certain image when hiring affects job performance; if an employee e has a pretty face but no basic knowledge of the job, that individual may be an bobs scale in the course of the company’s success. According to Firebombed and Fitch, the number of e experience does not compare to one’s attractiveness. Firebombed and Fitch only hires people who o only have good looks no matter the amount of retail experience one has.

They choose to hire Goodling salespeople to market their brand, but risk discrimination while proceeding. If an employee has o experience in the job, it is normal to assume that the individual will not be able to carry out the job bourn. Common sense seems to dictate that looks are more salient the an competence in Seesaw the work place. That means that if an employee has no job capacity, that India ideal would still get hired for his/ her pretty face. Alyssa Winnowing said she felt intense pressure to hire attractive saleswomen, even if they were incompetent when she was a West Coast Lore al manager.

Company officials sought to force her out h. She was given an order to fire a woman, a top manager, who was described as not “hot” enough and she ignored it. It was p retry well understood that they [employees] had to have magazines quality’ she say s (Greenhouse 5). Therefore, if an employee lacks a sense of direction and responsibility, appear once would make up for it.

However, appearance is not as important as the ability to perform w Ark because then that means that the employee lacks job capacity. This can also affect customer r service because the employee is not trained to execute the job.Loss of customers, and there ore less sales may be a result of illiterate employees.

Those on the other side of the issue may disk ate that hiring individuals for their appearance does not affect job performance if we ha d the bestselling college kids working in our store, everyone will want to shop there” (Greenhorn use 1). If an employee had no retailing experience, all the company had to do was aid the m with basics. This means that if a company has attractive employees, then more sales will be the e outcome. If a shopper notices a store full of Goodling people, then they are more likely t o shop there.Basically, more attractive employees would translate to more cash in the Regis term. Companies use good looks to market their items and therefore “project the right image”.

Woo Id seeing a afoot muscular man ripping out of his tight This and a afoot young woman with h err navel showing working at Firebombed and Fitch make you want to shop at their store? That is not the case. As seen employees are being appointed by the level of their appearance. Mr..

Seer ran also said” . ‘l never worked in retailing before,’ we said: ;Who cares? We’ll hire you’.But if s omen came Seesaw in who had lots of retail experience and not a pretty face, we were told not to hire them at 3). This means that that Firebombed and Fitch practices ape range discrimination. They choose to hire someone with no retailing experience but DOD looks over a candidate with plenty of retailing experience and an average appearance. Appearance discrimination is also present in schools; here, appearance discs nomination impedes the right to selfishness. Freedom is part of the unalienable rights ; however, students are even deprived of that today.The right to selfishness is part of feeling free, but schools take this away with inconsistent dress code policies.

Schools are to be considerate and respectful of students’ reasons for dressing and/ or ascertaining in a certain way. Jake Blather was asked to remove his rosary beads at Con Rapids High School. School officials recently passed a dress code law that prevented students from wearing rosary beads to school .

Rosa rye beads symbolized gang membership. Some gang members are known to wear plain white This s, could these be banned? (School ban… 2). This reveals how inconsistent the school’s policy is.If a certain piece of accessory is banned, so are to be the others that symbolize gang affiliation.

However, school officials did not take Blowhard’s reason for wearing the beads into considerate on. He wore them as a tribute to his ill grandmother who recently went through a breast cancer surgery. Obligator ND his family though the request was unjust (School Ban..

. 1). Student’s areas ones for dressing or ascertaining a certain way are to be contemplated before further disciplinary actions are taken; because students have a life outside Of school and it may not be considered u uncomplicated.In Blowhard’s case, he was struggling with his grandmother’s medical condition, and when he made an effort to display his care for her, he was disrupted by his school’s ITIL action of irreconcilable policies. Opposes may argue that school districts need to have dress code policies Seesaw and also reserve the right to make schools safe. Schools are in a difficult spot when it comes to deciding whether certain types of clothing are safety risks (School ban..

. 2).S school officials are in a tough position when creating school wide dress codes; they are doing the IR best to make sure school is safe through the appliance of dress codes to keep out negativity and gang relevant aspects from their campuses.

However, the implementation of laws is incisions Steen. Adolescents who attend school have the right to selfishness, and they cannot be deprived deed of their rights. Being able to selfishness depicts numerous traits in one’s personality. Deprive Eng students of selfishness is dangerous to health and safety (School ban..

. 2).

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