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The train ride in ‘Journey: The North Coast’ symbolisms the persona’s personal embankment to escape tedious fast paced city life and reengage with his inner beliefs. Gray illustrates the fast pace yet monotony of city life through the use of onomatopoeia of words ‘booms and cracks and tears the wind apart’. The use Of Strong verbs such as ‘swing out’ and ‘rattle up the sash’ to express the initial anxiety of shifting from one place or state of mind to another. As the train ride progresses the persona’s internal quest does also.The natural imagery of ‘flees on the blue and silver paddocks’ entrants sharply with the dissonance of the onomatopoeia expressed at the start of the poem. This brings a sense of relief, which is reinforced through the use of first person. The use of first person in the phrase ‘l rise into the mirror, rested’ shows us how this personal quest has changed his belief from being unengaged with himself and the world around him to engaging with his true state of mind.

Through the combination of these language techniques we begin to see the persona challenging his original beliefs and again engaging with himself and life around him.In stand by me the discovery of a dead body demonstrates how personal attitudes are altered through intimate journeys. At the start of the movie, the director, Reined, uses a long camera shot of a trousers, a symbol of innocence which we then slowly zoom in on until we are inside the trousers only to find the characters all smoking, juxtaposing the original theme of innocence. This illustrates to us the transition of the characters mindsets throughout the film.

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The innocence of the boys is reinforced with the dark lighting in the forest scene.The lighting creates an aura of mystery and uncertainty which has the characters scared showing the vulnerability of the boys. The film wraps up with the discovering of the dead body.

The high angle shot of this scene shows us how small and helpless the boys are in this confronting situation. Through various film techniques, Reined demonstrates a transition in the boys personal viewpoint. In Late Ferry the persona is embarking on a journey emotionally exploring the transition from childhood to adulthood.The imagery of the ferry leaving the jetty out into the harbor emphasizes on the idea of breaking away from home and voyaging out into the real world in hope of the persona realizing their potential. Furthermore, we have also been issued with pervading images f a huge dark harbor inclining his readers to feel a sense of uncertainty and fear.

Thus, through his use of adjectives we are ultimately positioned to recognize the smallness and frailty of the ferry in the midst of the enormity of the night and harbor emphasizing this idea of journeys going beyond what is safe.We learn that sometimes journeys lead us to unexpected detours which cross our boundaries and defeat our limitations. But it is through those experiences we truly grow as a person. For the persona this is evident as they explore the momentary nature of time and how it passes so quickly as they attach the ferry leave, thus contemplating on their own life and how they too must pursue the next step in their life in order to grow.

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