Discovering Hidden Messages behind Artistic Creations essay

Questions such as, for what reason was this piece created? Why were these certain materials utilized in creating such a piece? And more importantly, what is the overall social message or theme that can be pulled from the piece? These questions all lead to the discovery of the deeper thoughts as to why an artist creates what they create, and for the purpose that they do as well.

Our earth is in need of deep concern right now, for the neglect that the residents of such are resulting in a fast changing lifestyle that is uninhabitable from the way we live now. In Isabella Gonzales creation 2 Cent Worth, she displays a jar, with the depositing of 2 pennies within it to convey the sausage of the ozone layer being roughly the thickness of two pennies and for us to contribute to the future of our earth’s well being.

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This same message was revealed in the composition of Jay Share’s poem, “Nature & Preservation. ” Although the poem goes into deeper thought as to where the earth will be, resulting from the neglect of the uncaring manner in which the earth is being handled, both pieces of work, when put together, the image of destruction within the changing earth, preservation of what’s left, and investing into the future of the land can be gathered from these pieces. Our earth is no stranger to destruction.

From natural disasters, to those caused by us humans, the earth has endured them all, and has shown over the years. This is evident in the occurrence of the ozone layer, in which both artist has a great concern for in the composition of their pieces. Gonzales main concern in referring to the ozone layer, is that it’s only the thickness of two pennies. In that composition, it has undergone constant change for many years, resulting from carelessness of the habitants of earth that are causing so much pollution.

In recent news reported by Stuart Fox of Life’s Little Mysteries, he resurfaced the issue of the thinning of the ozone layer to such an extent that a hole was forming within the ozone layer, allowing radiation and other major contributors to the causes of cancer to really put earth’s habitants at a much greater risk. But, not only was this whole already in existence, it IS constantly growing to date. Regardless of the fact that the hole has stabilized due to the aerosol-banning legislation, danger still lies ahead as warned by some scientist (Fox).

Gonzales was very aware of this resulting effect of carelessness of treatment to the home in which she lived. Which inspired her to make those who weren’t aware of such an issue, informed to the extent to which they would want to commit to change. With the simplest objects, that of being a jar and pennies, she made use of the form of visual imagery by making it quite noticeable of how empty the jar is without the pennies. This is an interpretation of what is actually happening within the world whereas the earth will be empty of its habitants, us humans and all other life forms, that re dependent upon the protection of the ozone layer.

Destruction has no limit as to where it would stop. The only thing that those who care can do as a whole is commit to change now, in hopes of preserving what’s remaining. With there being recurring issues of natural disasters, who is to say that these occurrences aren’t a result from the neglect of that of humans to earth. Gonzales is in belief of preserving our barrier, the ozone layer, that could in fact be an answer to the control of these incidents repeating themselves in history.

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