Discoveries involve experiences of expectation essay

In life of Pi different types of discovers take changes which bring varying types of experiences along with the changes, and in The boat emotional, physical and intellectual discoveries are changed as discoveries are due to the different expectations between characters. Physical discoveries are Often relied on when a discovery turns unexpected and uncertainty affects the receiver. As in life of Pi Physical discovery plays a key part of the story, as the story takes various turns while a physical discovery occurs.

An example of this is the discovery of the ship sinking, which brings an unexpected event and uncertainty as Pi, no longer has a clear idea of what he’s doing or where’s he’s going. Another example is the food found in the life boat, as Pi expected there not to be any supplies, however, Pi found dried biscuits and fresh water, however this brings a new uncertainty as Pi does not know how long he will be in the boat for. The boat sinking represents the hope that Pi has , as the cruiser sinking shows the despair that Pi is going through.The Food that is found on the boat shows that even though the situation is bad it can only get deter, as the food is a representation of hope and survival.

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Thus In life of Pi, physical discovery is found through events that may seem uncertain or unexpected Unexpected and uncertain changes in a discovery often affects people emotionally, this can affect them making their changes. As in The Boat it shows that decisions can be affected or be clouded by the chooser’s emotions, due to the discoveries they face.An example of this within the boat, is the mother, as she refuses to believe that anything other than her arrow world that she lives in is better or more efficient that what her narrow world uses, this is evident in her speech quote, “Take your nose out of that trash and come and do your work” This quote is said when of the sister’s start to read a book from the father’s room and the mother disapproving of it. The mother is a stubborn woman who refuses to try to discover more about the world around her, and she will automatically refuse or put down any ideas of understanding the village or any of the outside cultures.Another example that strength the mother’s character is, quote “Thereafter my mother would launch a campaign against what she had discovered but could not understand.

. “, as this literally says that the mother is prejudice to things that she cannot understand and refuses to learn about them. Which leads to the loss of her daughters, one by one and ultimately the protagonist as well. Therefore, unexpected and uncertain changes in discovery will often lead to emotions, affecting people’s decision and not be able to see past their narrow world and make bad decisions and lose those around them.

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