Discoveries as a whole can

Discoveries as a whole can be sudden and unexpected where this process of discovering leads to change. These varying types of discovery are seen and explored in the Jane Harrison’s play ‘Rainbow’s end’. Discoveries can lead to the destruction of long held generalisations and perceptions and change them. This provocative discovery confronts the society’s perceptions and generalisations against Aboriginals to change, they come to realise that Aboriginals aren’t indifferent to whites and that those previous generalisations were incorrect.

Today I will be talking about Errol and Dolly, Errol is a white man in his early 20’s and he discovers something about the Aboriginal culture that makes him think about how racist he was towards Dolly and her family. Dolly is a young Aboriginal in her teens and she discovers that there is something valuable about the white society, and what it can do for her to enrich her life. The characters Errol and Dolly are important because they both discover something about one another.

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