Disclaimer ease of availability, easy to eat and

DisclaimerThe material included in this document is based on data/information gathered from various reliable sources; however, it is based upon certain assumptions, which may differ from case to case.

The information has been provided on as is where is basis without any warranties or assertions as to the correctness or soundness thereof. Although due care and diligence have been taken to compile this document, the contained information may vary due to any change in any of the concerned factors, and the actual results may differ substantially from the presented information.Executive summary In Pakistan the concept of food truck has been emerging as a new trend, the youngsters today prefer new and unique experience, and as the trend of a food truck is fairly new and it tends to attract the customer by its new concept. Refreshment industry is also maintaining its position in the society due to its ease of availability, easy to eat and being inexpensive. Our report is based on to find the feasibility of beginning a refreshment food truck that will be named as ‘Khatta Meetha Corner'(KMC).

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The food truck proposed location will be in Bahria civic center, PWD, Soan Garden, as it’s an food on wheels business idea, the food truck will begin its operations from 12 pm to 12 am, and it will travel in between these locations and will park at a place for 2-3 hours. We will locate ours food truck in busy urban areas e.g.

in front of offices, parks, cinema, at gathering spots. The food truck will have the main advantage in that they can serve di?erent consumers each day by switching locations. This will be complemented by the mobile communication technology, which will help the customers to see the real-time location of the food truck. To find out the feasibility of beginning the food truck, we did market research, ongoing traditions, market preferences, along with the primary research we also did secondary research by reading online articles and blogs.

We gathered financial information from physically visiting a food truck named “JIK JIK” that is located in PWD, right in front of Shifa International Hospital. We questioned them about their’s initial set up cost and their daily expenditure. Furthermore, we also used online sites e.

g OLX, Pak wheels, to find today’s market prices of having a food truck. The proposed business idea is estimated to have a total cost of Rs.226500, in which Rs.

76500 will be for initial set up and Rs.155,000 will be working capital.Chapter 1IntroductionOur project is based on developing the feasibility of starting a refreshment food truck in Islamabad, covering Soan garden, PWD, Bahria. We will assess the financials and the market needs, and predict that whether investment in this industry will be fruitful or not.BackgroundThe food truck concept is very old in Pakistan, it has been and still exists in form of wooden carts on whom people are used to selling vegetables, fruits, and many edible items in Pakistan. There’s a tradition of selling the fresh produce directly to people. People still in Pakistan appreciate this way as it seems more convenient and easy and less time is wasted.

Food truck in Pakistan is an emerging industry and it is hugely appreciated in the millennials and Gen-Z population, as they prefer convenience, quality, and uniqueness. Moreover, the hype of a food truck is high in areas such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, because their people are more exposed towards the western media, and in West food truck was in hype for many years. The curiosity and excitement of this new experience crept into the Pakistanis, who also now prefer to gain new experiences.Refreshments in Pakistan are a trend that has a history since the creation of Pakistan.

People in Pakistan tend to have something savory or sweet along with the evening tea , similarly a small chunk of population is now becoming more and more aware of the benefits of a healthy life , life is very busy today , so most of the women do not find enough time to go the gym in the morning, either they have to take care of their homes, children or they have to go to universities or jobs, and in evening specially housewives or women who do jobs and have a family , tend to stay at home in evening cooking dinner and doing work, thus women don’t get time to go to gyms, thus many women who cannot go to gyms , tend to start dieting , as they believe that reducing fatty , oily food in diet will help them reduce weight faster, for this reasons they tend to find food that are not fatty but are scrumptious and filling also they tend to consume more fresh juices as they are good for health.. Furthermore, the concept of a food truck is now successfully emerging in Pakistan and is highly supported by the customer, as it gives the customer a new, unique and different experience. Our food truck has combined two of these trends and merged them into one. The business is a new industry which is less saturated at the moment, especially in Islamabad. Also, there is no work done on such fields in our university till now.

So we want to fill the gap and work on the possibility to open or not to open a food truck in Islamabad.Project scope This report proposes the feasibility of starting a food truck in locations that are Bahria, Soan garden, PWD. In these areas, main focus will be on finding spots that will be easily accessible and visible to the customers.

Every business has its own implications. Advantages and attraction of starting a food truck include:• Low startup and operation cost The food truck business requires less startup cost because it is free of many expenses, like furniture, crockery, rents, bills, taxes and similarly it has low operation costs, due to low space in food truck only 3 people can work maximum at the food truck, and normally food prep is done by the owner himself or he hires 2 people to help.• Quick and cheap foodAs the space is often less in the food truck , there is not enough space to cook huge meals that requires a lot of time , and often many ingredients are already precooked, half cooked, or are ready , they just need to be assembled , this makes food truck fast , continent and mostly cheap.

• Direct customer interactionThere are no waiters on the food truck, so often due to low staff, the owner directly takes and serves customer, and can take immediate feedback, and thus it increases the contact level with the customers.• Innovation in the product is easierFood truck is itself a twist on the convention carts, the food on the truck is usually simple, it has a simple concept, thus to attract more and more customers the owners can easily innovate the existing products, this will make the customer more curious and he will try the new food , one positive factor is that the room for ignoring the error is more than in brick and mortar restaurant. • More opportunities to participate in public eventsThe food truck is a new concept , in Pakistan , so people tend to include such unique concepts in many events , especially birthday parties, and other opportunities such as cultural events and festivals are the best opportunities for this , as they can be promoted , and in Pakistan it’s a new concept , so in other stalls , a food truck will stand out and captivate attention of the customers , and passerby , and also participating in such events a normal refreshment joint would need stalls and , transport, banners and it is more time and energy consuming, but a food truck needs nothing such , it just needs to travel to the place , as already everything is set inside the truck.

Every business along with its pros also has its own disadvantages• Getting loans is difficult due to low trustGetting loans from the bank seems to be difficult , as there’s not enough evidence i.e. paper work, required for starting a food truck, so it is difficult for a bank to trust a new entrant , especially who doesn’t have any reference, as there are few cases in America , that after taking the loan , the debtors ran away with the money. Because of deceiving nature of human beings, the risk of frauds are high, as a result banks are reluctant to make advances for such business ventures.• No clear regulations on food truck businessThere are no clear stated rules about for operating a food truck business, there are no set boundaries and regulations that apply on opening a food truck , thus there always stays a risk that something wrong if happened , it might be used against the food truck. And as rules aren’t established, conflicts can be raised in between the employees of food truck and other businesses.

• Buying the right truck for food businessThe food truck isn’t a fully bloomed industry , thus it makes hard for the entrepreneur to search for the right size food truck and it can cost lot to customize the food truck according to the wish, secondly only the searching of the right sized food truck can be a long and lengthy process.• Low-profit margins As the products that a food truck sells are not costly, due to this reason they have low profit margins. Project objective The main objective of the project is to study the feasibility of opening a food truck and it will help us to facilitate potential entrepreneurs, in future, for investment. The project Feasibility may form the basis of an important investment decision and in order to serve this objective, the study covers various aspects of project concept development, start-up, and production, marketing, finance and business management. Considerations The most critical considerations or factors for the success of the project are Most Significant Considerations: • Finding parking spaces in busy areas: We will target the busy areas in our target market i.e. PWD, Soan Garden, Bahria Civic Center. The main consideration will be to find parking space as no other food business in the areas will prefer having the truck outside their set-up and its also against the business ethics.

So we will have to find spaces for parking which will make the truck visible and easily accessible to the customers. • Fast accessibility for the customer to find the truck: As explained in the previous points, its very crucial for us to find a parking space that will be easily accessed by the customer for example if the truck is behind the building in a small alley, many customers will not identify it and will not have an access to it• Providing good quality food and atmosphere to the customer, in order to increase the goodwill: We’ll be providing folding chairs and table for the customers who would want to sit and eat. Food would be prepared in front of them so they could trust our hygiene level. Customers will be offered free Wi-Fi as well and discounts on their next purchases. We’ll offer the daily work lunch people a free sample. Whip up a free fresh juice or milkshake for a loyal customer on their birthday etc. Equally important Factors: • This project is not suitable in areas where there is less number of people: To become noticeable in the society we need to remain in busy areas where there is a number of people, this will help us increase our awareness in the market and as the awareness will increase the trust of customers. Key parametersTechnology: It’s an important parameter, as the customers will be able to reach us or track us using real-time location with the help of the smartphones they possess.

Apart from this, we’ll provide our customers with free Wi-Fi facility where they can stay connected to their social life and enjoy our eateries at the same time. Customers who’re running out of their device’s batteries would also be provided with the chargers already set up in a socket. Location: The food truck can be set up in an area that is crowded or busy. Places can be outside offices, parks, and cinema.

Specifically, our target areas would be Madina cash & carry (PWD), where there’s availability of people for grocery shopping. Idrees book bank is another ideal location where people come for stationary and books. There are a lot of schools in PWD like educators, silver oaks and many more, schools would be put into focus as well. Apart from PWD, we’ll target the Civic center in Bahria town phase 4, where there are a lot of offices like Bank Alfalah, Silk bank, HBL ltd etc. Parks nearby are also our target to get the maximum attention of the visitors. Product: HYGIENE is our motive and we will provide a variety of products that are popular among the Pakistani society for snacking, e.

g channa chaat, dahi bhala , gol gappay, fruit chat and also there will juices and milkshakes. All of these items would be prepared in front of our customers so they can trust us with their level of hygiene. We want to develop a home taste relationship with our customers keeping in mind about the requirements of spices, salt etc they would desire. TargetOur main target are families, newly married couples, Employment Generation: This project will generate employment for 3 people who will work on the truck.Critical factorsFollowing critical factors should keep in mind, before making an investment in this business.• The elements of the product should be prepped beforehand, in the morning and stored in the fridge, and they should be assembled at orders.

• The raw material should be fresh. No rotten vegetable should be used• To maintain good quality and serve hygienic food to customers• The placement of the truck should be in busy areas• The timing of the truck should be aligned with the demand of the productChapter 2 Industry Analysis:An industry analysis is a business function completed by business owners and other individuals to assess the current business environment.• Competitive structure: Khata meet corner’s structure includes:Consistency: We would have right recipes for our menu eateries and would maintain standards for portion, size and presentation in order to uphold consistency. This way customer would get what they expect every time they visit our Khata Meetha Corner.Events: We’ll look into participating in festivals and events such as birthdays, weddings, religious festivals etc. in advance, so that we’d have the time to reach out to the organizers and approve our participation.

• External threats: Our threats would be established restaurants, which have succeeded to provide best customer value. Political as well as economic conditions of the country can be threat as well.Substitute products like snacks from shops can prove to be harmful for the food truck.• Products and services: Gol gappas, china chaat, dahi ballet, fruits chaat/salad, lemon soda or fresh juices and milkshakes are the products that we would offer. It’ll all be prepared infant of our customers so that they can taste the freshness of our food truck items. Services that would be provided are: Wi-Fi accessibility, folded chairs for customers who want to sit and eat. Charging ports to charge their devices as they enjoy our eateries.

Competitors:As this project is to be implemented only in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, so ours competitors are:• Le’Rollers food truck• The cursing cosine• Taste buds• Jik Jik Chinese mobile restraint Ours main and major competitor will be the last one, as its serving in the same vicinity i.e. PWD Management:Project managers would be: • Sabeen Ahmad. (General Manager, who will manage overall operations of business)• Annam Ishrat (Marketing Manager, who will promote and manage all the social applications)• Muqaddas Ahmad (Finance Manager, who will manage all the financials of project)Duration of project: August 20, 2018 to September 10, 2018.Overview of the food truck businessAn initiative to introduce the concept of food trucks in PAKISTAN, which are quite common in the West. Eating out is one of the major sources of entertainment in Pakistani culture, with its novelty as a food truck, is a welcome addition. Judging by the response, this entrepreneurial venture could be proved to be highly successful.

Gol gappas, chana chaat, dahi bhallay, fruits chaat/salad, lemon soda or fresh juices are not truly recognized like the past times, It’s a staple of street vendors across the region and is a perennial favorite among the young and old alike.But today, they are not as common a sight as they used to be. Many recall fondly the summer days when thela wallahs would roam the narrow streets of the city, hawking their wares. The streets would echo with the refrain “Gol gappay wala aya, Chana chaat le lo, Dahi bhallay le lo” the lyric of an old song.Khatta meets corner would aim to distribute the old tradition at its best to the customer so that they can experience what it’s like. The food truck would also aim to deliver the required and expected quality of eatery at reasonable prices for all to enjoy.

Khatta meets corner’s products will all be made at the time of order, which means it’ll all be fresh. What would make Khata meetha corner special is that it’ll be moving through its route from one place to another and just like an ordinary ice-cream truck it can be stopped for order. More-over it won’t consist of canned products but natural products. How to operate business:We will have 2 people working on truck initially, a person who will assemble the food and a person at the front end that will take and deliver orders and will handle the cash. As the customer will come he will firstly choose from the one page menu , then place his order and pay in form of cash, as the order will be placed the back end person will freshly make the ordered food and pack it and the front end man will give customers the order. At the back end , we will have 2 people one from the truck and another any one of us who will prep the food for the food truck e.

g. boiling , peeling , cutting , preparing sauces, this activity can be easily performed at any group member house.Market Analysis:It is one of the hottest trends in the restaurant business.

Changing consumers’ tastes and preferences and inclination towards consumption of street food and beverages has resulted to rise in demand for food truck business over the years. Manufacturers of these trucks are focused towards developing trucks keeping in mind the hygiene factor. The global food truck market has witnessed rapid changes due to the factors such as rising busy schedule, rise in working women population and inclination towards street food and rapid urbanization.The global food truck market is mainly driven by the factors such as changing lifestyle, busy schedule and inclination towards different taste and menu.

Additionally rising popularity of street food and beverages are increasing the demand for the global food truck market.One factor that can cause restraining of the food truck market in Pakistan can be the climatic condition. The objective of the food truck will be to make good and friendly relations with its customers. As in Pakistan there hasn’t been any food truck trend until the last 3 years, but if targeted right the food truck might gain value in the market place. These days, People have a developed a habit of dining out. It has increased over the years that it has been seen in Sehri ; Aftari in Ramadan. It is also put into notice that youth would go out after academies, schools, colleges and universities for meals.

SWOT ANALYSIS OF KHAATA MEETA CORNER:A SWOT analysis is a study undertaken by the organization to identify its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its opportunities and threats. Introducing a food truck in Pakistan where there’s a developing culture of going out to eat at lunch breaks, family gathering, occasions, festivities etc. could be challenging for the food truck but achievable. STRENGTH:• Location: In contrast to the restaurants, our food truck would switch from one location to another.

• Populated areas: The food truck would travel in heavily populated areas such as • PWD; where there’s always a crowd to look for, • Civic Centre Bahria town; where there are a good number of banks and other shops, • Parks; where children along with the adults can taste from our products. That way the food truck can generate its revenue. Furthermore, it would be parked near a cinema so that people coming back from movies could enjoy the treat.

For customers who would want to sit and eat, will be catered with folding chairs and tables with the free Wi-Fi facility. WEAKNESSES:• Cultural acceptance: The main weakness would be the cultural differences, where people don’t have the habit of eating something from a food truck as it wasn’t introduced until the past few years. So, it’ll be hard but not impossible to get the acceptance. • Advertisement: No advertisement on TV, but only on social media through Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,etc. OPPORTUNITIES:Competing with the new yet small-scale restaurants or food trucks. • Mobility: As the truck would be moving from one place to another, it’ll be easy for people to grab the attention of the newly introduced food truck. Another opportunity is to provide free milkshake or plate of the eatery to our customers on festivals like EID, 14th August, Birthdays and even to the kids.

• Bookings: The food truck is also open to being booked for parties and other events. When comparing the expenses of the food truck against those of regular restaurants, both incur almost the same costs or less. Just as we’ve noticed jumping castles being booked at birthday parties, Chocolate fountains and paan corners being booked at weddings Khata meetha corner is up for bookings for such events. • Substitute to fatty items: Our items are lite and easy to digest. They can be a great substitute for the fatty items, where people are getting diet conscious, this might provide a great deal of success, THREATS:The threats that would possibly face by the food truck would be the ongoing famous/popular restaurants. Economic, as well as political conditions, can be a hurdle for the business.

AGE GROUP: Food items that will be provided at the food truck would suit any age, of course not the infants but 6y/o onwards. GEOGRAPHIC AREA:The food truck will only operate in areas such as:Soan Garden, Islamabad.Bahria phase 1 extensionPWDParksCinemaMARKETING PLAN: Formulation strategies:Segmentation: Market segmentation may be used to identify the target customers, and objectives to achieve the goal. It’s important to know about your segment market ; then we have to study their requirements for the product. TARGETING:These characteristics may include information about the critical needs of your potential customers.

As KHAATA MEETA CORNER will be serving the food that isn’t currently being sold in the particular area as mentioned before. We’d also tend to change with seasonal trends that may impact our business, for example, selling ice cream, cold coffee, latte etc. In colder climates tends to slow down in the winter. 4 P’s” Product: Products are of course from the menu items and services that our food truck will deliver for sale to its destination. While the eatery is being made it’ll be made sure to consider quality, design, features, packaging, customer service, and any subsequent after-sales service. Place: The location and methods of getting our food truck products to our customer by switching from one location to another would vary on time and crowd of the place.

This mainly includes the location of our food truck stops and any area to sell our freshly made products. The places marked, civic center, parks, cash and carries etc.Price: Pricing factors are based on the marketplace, competition, market condition, brand, quality of product and manufacturing cost.

For our food truck, however, is affordable for everyone. It’s for poor, middle and elite class.Promotion: Promotion refers to communicating the benefits and value of your product to the customers in your market as well as your advertising methods to attract the customers. Promotion would be done through the website and Facebook page, meaning that they will attract a clientele that is adept at social networking. However, the popularity can grow most notably through word-of-mouth, a strong indicator of the high quality of our product. Chapter 3Execution of projectIn this chapter, we will cover the execution of the project the type of research that we did to develop the feasibility report.Marketing research helps to identify potential threats and opportunities, generate alternative courses of action, provides information to enable marketing managers to evaluate these alternatives and advises on implementation of the alternatives.

This information lets management to reduce the inherent risks and uncertainties while making major and minor decisions.We used mainly descriptive research, as it was used to describe the facts existing in present, and also to describe the market overall trend and consumer behavior. We did a market survey, by asking general questions, we visited busy spots and also refreshment vendors in Bahria, PWD, Soan garden, we asked the customers about their preferences and asked the vendors of such stalls about the peak sale hours and top-selling items.What did we do in the project?To gather data, and information we had to do research about the market and understand the barriers and the investment required to enter this field.We had the time of 6 weeks, i.e. 11th July 2018 – 26th August 2018, the breakup of our activities and how we calculated data is given below.Week 1The major highlight of the week was the orientations session, in this session each group was to attend the briefing session, which was conducted by Sir Umar Toor and Sir Ishfaq Khan.

We 3 gathered at the University at about 9.30 am, and we went to the auditorium A2 as the session was to be started at 10 am. As the session began we were greeted by the host, in the session we were told by Sir Ishfaq Khan about the details of the project, he told about 3 types of project, and we could choose any one of them, in the options available were Start-up idea, Feasibility report, or internship. The same day we were assigned to our supervisor Dr. Raza Naqvi. We met our supervisor the other day and he asked all three of us to bring one proposal per person on any project that we would like to work on.

In the start of the next week, we were assigned projects, we submitted 3 proposals, in the previous week, two were related to social services and the third was creating a feasibility of a food truck. Among those 3 proposals, the third proposal got accepted and we were required to create the feasibility report of beginning a food truck in Bahria, PWD, and Soan garden. In the initial week, we mainly distributed the report work in between the group members and we also began to online search about the food truck business and its ongoing situation in Pakistan. We met our supervisor again on Thursday, we discussed thoroughly about the type of food truck that we could develop a report on, we wanted it to be unique and something that has never been worked on, and after a thorough discussion with Sir Raza Naqvi we concluded on to make the report on a food truck that sells refreshment.

As refreshments even today is a cultural tradition and to preserve this tradition we thought of adding a new twist to it by introducing it in a food truck. Week 2In the second week after finalizing the starting elements of the report, we made few questions that we would ask the owners of startups that we will meet and customers who will be ready to answer us. We searched online about the running food trucks in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there were 3-4 trucks named and only JIK JIK Chinese food truck was in ours near surroundings i.e.

just in front of Shifa international hospital. Courtesy of Ali Khalil, our class fellow who went along with us and provided us conveyance, we went to the food van and there we came to know that along with the food van there is a small set up office in the side building. We went to the office and met one of the cooks named Mr.Ehsaan, aged 29 years. He gave us insight that the setup is of few cousins, who work together, and the cook we met was one of the cousins, we asked him about the van that they have and about how they operate, he told us that currently 2 vans are being operated, one in PWD and the other is in Askari 14. The food that is served in the PWD van, its cooked in the backside of the office that we were visiting, the food preparations were started from morning and by 6 pm the ready food is shifted into the van and served at the order, he also gave us knowledge about the finance that was required to start the setup, and it was in the range of Rs.8 to Rs.10 Lacs.

Week3By this week we started writing the report. We began with searching online sites for exploring the various prices of food trucks that are available for sale throughout Pakistan, to find the authentic prices we surveyed Pak wheels and OLX, and we found a Food truck that we can rent and per month rent of the truck is Rs.10000, it was very spacious it had working station, storage space, sitting area and a serving window.

In this week we went to visit Juicito that is located in Bahria Civic center, there we met with the manager of the setup Mr. Yasir Jawad. He told us about his setup, it was opened in 2010, and the total setup cost was in range of Rs12 to Rs15 lac, in 8 years they have now 2 setups in Bahria Civic center, and Bahria Phase 7, this shows that the demand of refreshment hasn’t decreased, he added that the peak hours of serving start after Maghrib and after isha the number of customers increases, the customers that they tend to target are newly married couples and families.

The top selling product in their menu are the chaats, and the least selling items are the fast food as they are mostly average and aren’t the main highlight of Juicitio. He added that the loyal customers come every day at the place, and men are not in the major customers of the this set up, but a group of boys who with time has become loyal and regular customers, the main factor that keeps their customer loyalty is the quality of the product they give to the customers, they try to keep consistent in their performance so the customers feel happy.We also then talked to some of the customers at the place, who told us that they favor coming to these places, and mostly prefer chat and juices, especially lemon soda. The main purpose for which they came to the place was because it was a family place, and as kids and wives are almost in homes all the day, so after their husbands came, the family preferred doing some outing and eating something light and fresh so the main objective of going out is fulfilled and kids become happy.Week 4We also went to PWD, there due to time constraint, we managed only to talk to one of the refreshment vendors, who are situated on the extreme left side of hush puppies, Tayyab Refreshments, Mr. Tayyab he told us that he has been in that place for a long time, for almost 6 years.

He sells gol gappas, fries, and channa chaat and dahi bhalla. He told us that his most popular item selling is the gol gappay, his major customers are women and girls who come for shopping purpose, buy gol gappas after their shopping, as many don’t prefer to eat on the road, many girls are having complexes of eating in the public, and many women are veiled so they prefer to pack and take them home. Girls who buy these gol gappas are mostly from hostels. Also, the shop keeper in the surroundings, ask for dahi bhallas and channa chaat, as it’s cheap but filling. He also told us that in one day he gets maximum 25-50 orders, and some days the order reach up to 100 to 150In PWD there are many vendors who are selling refreshments, we couldn’t talk to them but we did observe the trend, there people with families who tend to pass by in cars, and they feel convenient to stop the car, and rather than going out, order and eat in the car, its due to the environment of the area that is not family friendly, these refreshment vendors are set up in areas where there are more shops, who order from these places. Week 5In the second last week, Sabeen and Muqqadas explored soon garden, as it was convenient to them. In Soan Garden number of refreshment joints in Soan garden, one is right in front of Chicken mania, and the other is at the main point of market, also recognized as the main markaz, we observed the trend of people who go there and we got to know that gol gappay available in soon garden aren’t of good quality , that is why people, majorly hostel girls, have to go all the way to PWD to get delicious gol gappas, we also observed that after isha time the vendors serving refreshments start to get packed, we went to the main markaz refreshment area. Shaheen refreshments, as it has always more customers than any other refreshment joint.

We got the chance of conversing with the worker, one of the workers who were behind the juice and shakes corner, his name was Wajid, he was almost 20 years old, Wajid told us that after 8 to 9 pm the place is always packed. There are many boys hostels around the main markaz, and especially after Isha prayer time, mostly group of boys come there to eat and drink. The most selling item is their milkshakes, juices, and lemon soda. And in pleasant weather boys also tend to eat Anda Shami Burger. The major customers on that joint are a group of boys from the hostel, as boys tend not to do a lot of self-cooking, and often are on a really low budget, so they go these places to eat and drink and to get together with their friends and hang out.

The main markaz tend to act as a meetup point for all the boys. As the area isn’t family friendly, so if a family comes they often order sitting the car and prefer the takeaway, furthermore, as girls don’t feel comfortable coming to such places, mostly girls from hostels send a worker or come by themselves to buy juices and milkshakes. They also provide shawarma and burgers, which are fairly popular among the people of Soan Garden.

Week 6In this last week we mainly did the report writing , we collected the financial information required , in this process Mr. Yasir Jawad who helped us in understanding of how much equipment and what kind of equipment we would need when starting the business and Mr.Ehsaan who helped us understand the working of food truck , and the expenditure that we would have to bear upon the buying and maintenance of the food truck , and Ali Khalil who has great knowledge about the market and its rates , and Mr. Sumair Ahmad, businessman who deals in appliances and electronics, brother of Sabeen Ahmad, helped us in the calculation of the electronics required at the food truck. Also with the help of ours another class fellow Miss Hajra we calculated all the financials of beginning a food truck joint. We also took time in this week to gather potential locations for a food truck, where it could be reached easily. In PWD we found the place, Block B, street B1, right in front of the police foundation. The most potential place would be in the parking space zthat is right in front of Bala Tikka and Butt Karhai, we chose that place due to the reason that firstly , we would be in a parking so no one could ask us to leave the place, secondly it is surrounded by homes, so as there is a trend of serving something light when the guests come over, so this would be the best and nearest option to the people living, also it is surrounded by number of colleges e.

g. Indus college, TCS(The City School), Bahria Foundation college, The Educators, all are nearby the parking area , and while going to main PWD road, they have to cross the Parking Spot.In Bahria we chose two places, one was located in Bahria Town Phase 1 Extension, in the parking of the Al- Basit general store that is just next to the Prism Apartment, on Street 1. The main reason to target this area was firstly the parking area was big and convenient, secondly its surrounded by many banks and offices , and as the employees take small breaks of 20 minutes to come out in fresh air, or to have a smoke, this food on sight can easily accompany them, and fill them in 15 minutes, and lastly, the parking is surrounded by apartments, as there is no near area that serves immediate refreshments, thus the food truck will serve as immediate food serving and a hangout place for the families and bachelors living in the apartment. Also, the main advantage of the food truck is thatIn Soan garden the best location for the truck would be the street number 1, Soan avenue, by the side of a nan center in the plain and unused land, the main advantage will be that it will be in commercial area, where already there will be a lot of crowds, secondly there are homes also in surroundings which can take benefits of the service. The main advantage, in the effort of 6 weeks, that we concluded was that food truck has an edge of being moving restaurant, so it can change places and serve at new places in the same vicinity if it’s not working up to the mark at any other location. This gives a huge benefit to this business, especially as a moving truck, with a good exterior design, would catch a lot of attention of the people in the neighborhood, compelling them to explore the place and try a unique way.

Questions asked from the vendors or managers: For how long is this establishment?What was the initial investment in this project?What are the peak service hours at the setup?Who are your target customers?What are the top selling items?Why do you think people consider them as best?Questions asked from customersWhat you mostly order from this place?How often you come and visit this place?Why you prefer this place?Observed TrendsWe interviewed a total of 15 people, of whom 4 were the owners or workers of the setup and the other 11 were the customers at the places. The limitations in getting more samples that we faced were mainly because we were girls and majorly customers were men, so there was the cultural barrier, because of which we couldn’t ask every man.But from our survey and observation of the trend, we found out that In every city of Pakistan there is a trend of evening snacks, also Pakistanis are known for their hospitality when it comes to entertaining guests. We observed that even in the localities Bahria, PWD, Soan garden, guests come almost at evening tea, even if it is for congratulating on the new house or for the congratulations of a new baby.

As in the daytime, the temperatures are very high, so evening suits almost everyone. So at evening tea along with chaye and biscuit other traditional foods, for example, Dahi bhala, and samosas are an important dish to serve alongside the tea. The availability of such traditional snacks is not so common in these areas, thus the hosting family cannot readily buy them from anywhere.In Bahria, in many offices and bank, due to continuous working and sitting the employees get tired, so to take a break and breathe in fresh air they take 15-20 min break to go and chill out and in many cases smoke. Due to such long hours of work they prefer to eat something light and fast that can easily be eaten in 20 minutes, but as mostly such offices and banks are located in areas in Bahria phase 1-6 that are far away from such places, major Civic Center, so they tend to compromise with eating biscuits or any other light snack. As PWD is filled with shopping plazas, many women go shopping after Asar prayer, during or after shopping just to take a break they prefer to eat something light and filling, so they try to find options that can be easily carried in hand and eaten while walking, so they don’t miss any of the shops. Girls from hostels in PWD and Soan garden also come to shop. As hostilities prefer doing adventures and finding new and unique places to visit and give check-in at places that look cool but are affordable.

and lastly, they prefer eating outside because they mostly dislike the food that is in the hostel. So, for this reason, they search for places that will give them affordable, scrumptious, tangy and sweet food that is also filling.Soan garden is another society in the target area. The observed trend is that families, who want to go out, mostly go to PWD, and at night time they encounter a lot of traffic in the area or Bahria. This is due to the reason that the quality of refreshment food isn’t good enough in the area and also the factor that the area isn’t family friendly. But the area is filled with hostels, it’s a norm that after 8-9 pm boys from all around the hostels gather together and just to go out and chill with other friends they come to the main market, mostly Shaheen refreshments, and eat and drink at the spot.Visit location details:Juicito Civic Center Bahria Town Civic Center Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Punjab0515731610Al- Basit store Street 1, Bahria town, phase 1 extension, Rawalpindi, PunjabButt karhai ParkingBlock B, Police Foundation, Rawalpindi, Punjab TayyabRefreshment PWD Housing Society, sector B, PWD society, PWD double road, Rawalpindi, Punjab Shaheen RefreshmentThe right side of Fazal plaza, Main Soan Garden double road, Block B, Soan Gardens, Islamabad, Punjab.


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