Disabled People essay

Disabled people are the most important part of our society and they should be treated with justice. Society should deliver to them according to their needs. Treating them equally is not the solution because their needs and capabilities are different. Understand people with disabilities live in this world and want to be able to live like any other person. Not differently than anyone else. They want to be able to go out to do shopping, have fun with people, study in any situation, and maybe work as well. Also be able to do the thing a able person would do.

As the Author Nancy Impairs says in her “Disability’ ‘Ms. Great American Consumer. In my opinion correct way of assisting a minority is to analyze their needs and fulfill them. For instance there are three different people with three different disabilities. One of them is blind other is deaf and the last one is unable to talk. In this special case, equality will require everyone Of them be provided with a cane or a hearing device or an artificial vocal cord.

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On the other hand justice will demand a cane for the blind, hearing device for the deaf and artificial vocal cord for the one tit disability of speech.Our society very well does it by providing special care centers, stipends, health benefits, special parking spaces and many more depending on the place. Also many people including myself feel obliged to give a helping hand if we see a disable person. I might just walk by a person who dropped stuff on the way but definitely help a disabled person pick up his dropped dime. I don’t think they should get an equal representation in advertisements also not because they are looked down etc. Ether because it s not just right to embarrass them on the TV screen because its not easy for them to get around and get the job done. For example on a PEPSI add a normal person is running to grab is PEPSI can whereas a person with a disabled hand would hold a can in one hand and will have hard time opening it and thus the producer of the company has embarrassed him in front of such a big audience. The hardest I would say for a disabled is to accept their disability.

It is the harsh reality they need to accept. With disability comes the adjustment to normal life.Let alone doing a thing that a normal person might have hard time doing, like working in a commercial. For them the things an able person might do will be hard. We as society is trying very hard to give the most of the best care we can give. When we don’t let the disabled do some of the things, we are only trying to protect them. They already have a hard time going by the basics of life.

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