Digital Marketing and Communication department. According to

Digital marketing communication has helped both the businesses and customers from different aspects. In digital marketing communication, people can meet their actual data hunger where conventional media is a teaser.

Both are interconnected as both help people get a message and here is the beauty of marketing. Nowadays, marketing departments are becoming Marketing and Communication department. According to the findings and analysis in the previous part, some key findings of the study are given below-Male are the main users of digital media. From my experience at ‘Mbrella Ltd’ while managing the Facebook page and Instagram, I had the opportunity to analyze the fan-base where I had seen the same the percentage of the male is higher than females in social media. Due to non-disclosure issues, I cannot give much information.Social Media user base has been increased in Bangladesh. Cheap Mobile phones and Smartphone are the keys to increasing this number.

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Again, Students and young generation is the huge number of the user-base of Bangladeshi Social Media users.Online advertisement is really important in promoting business nowadays.Digital Media helps conventional media to reach more effectively.Privacy issues are really important while doing digital marketing.


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