Different such as employees. External includes customers,

Different audiences require different communication requirements. There are two types of audiences within a business, internal and external. Internal includes people who work for the same organisation such as employees.

External includes customers, suppliers and regulatory authorities. For external communication, the audience is from outside the business which makes it harder for them to understand business related information. This would mean that the level of detail when explaining scenarios would need to be increased to allow the audience to absorb as much information as possible. Alternatively, the communication could be given in a written format such as a letter or email as opposed to verbal communication as it may be easier for the audience to understand as they can read over it more than once to help them absorb the information. Also, the person communicating with the external audience can put more detail into a written communication as they have more time. In regards to Kaltz standards and protocols, we answer the phone by saying “Good Morning/Afternoon, Kaltz Limited” this ensures that the customer knows the company they are contacting and it is polite and friendly.

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Finally, with an external audience, formal language must be used to communicate as it is professional and makes it easier for the customer to understand. For internal communication, the requirements are different compared to external communication. As the audience is from within your business, it is much easier to for them to absorb the information from verbal communication as they already have an understanding of what you are trying to communicate to them. Also, jargon can be used when communicating internally as they are within the industry so they understand the professional terms. Communication internally would generally be informal as everyone knows everyone within the business so it would be considered more of a chat than a discussion.

Finally, it is more likely to communicate verbally as opposed to written as it much quicker and more appropriate for the type of communication.


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