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DGD Program Diploma in Graphic DesignCourse / Module ADS2999 Major ProjectYear / Sem / Session Year 2 Sem.

7Lecturer/s Vin Sze YongProject /Assignment Title Final Project Stage 1(30% OF the module mark)Self-Directed Proposal This project is self-initiated and proposed by Lai Sok Men (Student ID: J16022276), with the intent to the problem in lack of awareness towards pet adoption.IntroductionPet adoption is the method of taking responsibility for a pet that a past proprietor has surrendered or discharged to a rescue organization. The common sources that people can go through for adoption are animal shelter and animal rescue.Animal shelters can be privately running by a bunch of volunteers or can be manned by government employed staff. In general, an animal shelter is a place where animals are surrendered or brought in when their previous owners either cannot take care of them anymore or if they are found on the streets. For animal rescue is usually a private organization or a private endeavour which takes in certain animals from abusive homes or homeless situations. What an animal rescue does is to supply the animal a brief domestic through a network of animal foster guardians who agree to host the animal until it is adopted. As a rule, animal rescues run on pure donation and goodwill of animal lovers.

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It is very rare for an animal rescue to receive any assistance or subsidizing from the government.Whichever organization you choose, it is important to respect the process. Here are some Malaysia pet adoption centre which can help everyone with the adoption process: SPCA, Malaysia PAWS Animal Welfare SocietMIAR ShelterSecond Chance Animal ShelterPets for You Sdn BhdPAWS Animal Welfare SocietPrimary ResearchA survey (https://docs.google.

com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdg8szfUMMPYCi-DPjH_HL8Jm5dz7nJeG1SFM86lmzTP_mwYQ/viewform ) was conducted from 17th to 24th September to gain further insight towards Malaysian’s attitudes towards pet adoption. The survey has gathered the responds sent mainly by college/university students of ages 18-24.This survey has shown that a majority of 57% of the respondents were supportive of pet adoption, 33% have no ideas on this and 10% are not support. 44640521082000Q: What do you think the difference between adopted pets and purchased pets?We can choose the type of pets that we like by purchased pets. However, not every adopted pets type is our favourite.Purchased pet have more varietiesI have no idea Reduce stray petsreduce stray animalAdopted pets is poor and need more love for themWe need to pay more love the the adopted petsAdopted can help the homeless dog to get them a home.

It helps a little for the homeless petsYes Adopted pets can help the pitiful animals to have a new sweet home and no need to buy it with using money but purchased pets need to spend a lot of money to buy it.Spend money pet adoption can save animals’ life, protect them from abandon and neglect. Buying a pet also can save their life but seems cruel because animal also a living thing, that is cruel to purchase life.

Will pay more attention and take more care to the adopted pets since im the one who is willing to adopt it.Can decrease numbers of stray animals In my opinion adopted pet is more better than purchase pet life are same not mean defferent.Secondary ResearchEvery now and then, we will come across incidents related to stray animals in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the increasing of stray animals has become an issue to be concern.

As Dr Umi (DBKL Health and Environment Department deputy senior director) said that, they do not become strays on their own and that abandonment is the biggest contributing factor. Due to this reason pet shelter around town are running out of space and resources to house these poor souls. In this matter, members of the public are the main key to solving the problem. The ignorant of them have become the core issue to the constantly extending of the strays. For they view that strays are the responsibility of animal shelters or the department of veterinary services. Therefore, they won’t care and indifferent for those animals that are locked in the shelter. As matter of course, number of shelter animals are keep increasing due to the reason that public are regardless of this issue.

As different to the United States where stray animals left in the pound or shelter would be euthanised within in a period if there is no one willing to adopt them, a lot of the animal shelters in Malaysia have embraced a “no-kill” policy whereby animals would not be euthanised regardless of them being adopted or not. They will live on their own ‘life’ in the shelter until the end of life. Typically at that point considered to be a humane choice for a few individuals of the fact that the strays would be well taken care of as the essential necessities (shelter, food and adequate veterinary care) are provide. However, the financial burden held by the shelters is far exceeds from imagination of public. In some shelters, the expenses for food have fetched them an extraordinary fortune in every month. Not as it were that, they also had to confront the other necessities cost, such as utility bills/veterinary care as well as prevalence of deadly diseases which requires extensive treatment for tormented animals. ProblemThe reasons that why there are a large amount of the shelter animals is due to the reason that public are having the misconception in pet adoption. It is mostly come from their psychological factor.

Shelter pets are usually quite dirty.As previous research suggests, majority of people have intentions to pet adoption, but do not take actual action to do so. An observation among Malaysians suggests that many people have the misconception in pet adoption.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that shelters, as well as the pets housed in them, are dirty. They are thinks that shelter animals are not as clean as pet store animals. Therefore, they are more inclined to buy from pet stores if they want to keep pets.But this isn’t true – shelters must keep up a standard of sanitation and cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of infectious contagious diseases. Shelter pets themselves aren’t dirty, either; even if they arrive at the facility grimy, they’re bathed, clipped, vaccinated in some cases, and given nail trims. Objectives and Aims Raise awareness and concern to pet adoptionInspiring public to save the adoptable petsTo eradicate the myths and incorrect belief on this topicCase Studies1. Specialsomeonehttps://www.

youtube.com/watch?v=IrJhlVODG3wThe campaign is trying to raise awareness of hundreds of dogs at Dogs Trust’s 20 rehoming centres around the country by showing just how important a new owner is to a Dogs Trust dog waiting for their special someone. The short film tells the story of a shelter dog who always be with the future master’s puppet every day. This is to express that it is looking forward to the arrival of new owner.

2. Home for Hopehttps://youtu.be/tBka2eF4OAIIkea, DDB Singapore, and Home for Hope realized that a house isn’t a home without a furry family member to complete it. Together, these companies teamed up with animal shelters based out of Singapore to promote animal adoptions. Cardboard cut outs of 26 different dogs were created and set up in the showrooms of two different Ikea locations. Customers looking for a new bedroom set, for example, see the perfect pet sitting on the end of the bed and realize thats what their home is actually missing. Each dog cut out has a QR code that, when scanned, brought the potential puppy parent to the dog’s adoption information, making it easy for these adoptable dogs to find homes.

The BriefCreating a campaign to eradicate the myths and incorrect belief on pet adoption. The campaign is focus on change the stereotype of the shelter animals among public. The target audience of this project will be the young generation also for those who are interested in pet keeping.Design Solution-Illustration book-Booklet-Visual CardPeople always imagine for something which they are not familiar with. However, sometimes reality and imagine are totally different.

Just like how the people think about the animals in shelter.In order to let the public understands that the shelter animal are different from their imagination. There will be an illustration book to present it. In the illustration book, it will show the image of ‘how people imagine’ and ‘how the shelter animals really look like’. This is to express the voice of the shelter animal also educating and instilling the correct concept to public. In addition, there are also an information booklet for everyone to learn more about pet adoption. Lastly, for the visual card it would be an image and sentences that to encourage the public who really want to keep a pet with the ways of adopting instead of buying.Reference https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/08/12/dbkl-society-is-to-blame-the-increasing-number-of-abandoned-dogs-are-leaving-authorities-and-animal/http://sevenpie.com/9-animal-shelters-in-malaysia-with-pets-which-are-in-need-of-tender-loving-care/https://animal-welfare-volunteering.knoji.com/how-long-do-animal-shelters-keep-pets-before-euthanizing-them/https://www.thestar.com.my/opinion/letters/2017/01/09/address-growing-number-of-strays/https://fortmyersvet.com/2016/02/15/fort-myers-fl-vet-shelter-myths/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrJhlVODG3whttps://youtu.be/tBka2eF4OAI


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