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These ingredients are derived from over 70 different plant and flower species including a few rare plants mound in the Amazon rainforest’s. The purpose of this report is to select media vehicles appropriate to the defined media requirements for a product or service and determine a media schedule. The scope of the report is the comparison of identified media vehicle alternatives and evaluation of new or alternative media vehicles, statement of suitability of the selected media vehicles for the target audience, development of media schedule and alternative media schedules and testing schedule.The target audience The primary target audience will consist of female professionals and wives of professionals, aged 25-54. Roughly half of this group will be married with combined annual household incomes of approximately $150,000. They will be from various racial backgrounds.

They live in inner city or suburban areas. Customer profile Beauty conscious women who are interested in looking after their well-being using holistic approaches to health take high care Of their skin a major priority. Live an active life, occupying them with any combination of work, study, raising children, staying fit and healthy, and socializing.

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Searching for a skin care regime based on natural products which won’t harm their body or the environment. Looking for natural skin care products which are good value for money and will leave their skin looking radiant and help fight aging. Available budget The budget for this promotion is $5 million. 1. Evaluation of Media for advertising campaign Media Advantages Disadvantages Television Ease of buying products and in reach of all. Disabled advertisements in TV set up boxes Radio Reaches the all demographics. Younger demographics are not keen.

Newspaper Reaches older demographics.Younger demographics not keen. Magazine Reaches all demographics. Weekly subscription restricts information.

Billboards Visible in certain areas Cannot totally rely upon. Social media Younger Demographics more focus. Older demographics not involved.

Cinema Both demographics are focused. Advertisement are disregarded by most. 2. Available media vehicles Broadcast Vehicles Television vehicles include networks such as BBC, Cannel 7, Channel 9, Channel 1 0, CBS and FOX. Typically, small businesses can’t advertise on the national network, but they often advertise on local network affiliate stations.You can also choose from hundreds of more niche cable networks, such as Lifetime, E! And CNN. Radio is often more practical for small businesses. You armorial have an array of vehicles in a local market that have various formats, such as pop music, country music and talk shows.

Print Vehicles Newspapers are another prominent small-business class because of relatively low ad costs. Community newspapers can reach a local audience. Many small businesses also have access to state or regional publications. Magazines aren’t quite as accessible for local companies.However, some regions have local magazines that offer entertainment, community events and themed topics.

Even a local magazine ad can cost a few thousand dollars, but magazine vehicles normally reach a very niche audience. Digital Vehicles and Others The other major traditional media class is online, or digital/interactive. This class includes thousands of online vehicles.

Billboards A billboard (also called a hoarding in the UK and many other parts of the world) is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads.Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas.

The largest standard-size lapboards, known as Bulletins, are located primarily on major highways, expressway viewed principally by residents and commuter traffic, with some pedestrian exposure. 3. Competitor advertising strategies Competitor press Online Website Social Email SMS Curlicue Cataleptic The Body Shop L ‘Octane Aesop Clique Us kin 4.Survey A sample of 10 people were surveyed using the specific survey (assessment appendix) and the survey revealed the following results The purchase of a skin care products after exposing to which media advertisement resulted as follows: Media Responses 1. Word of mouth 2. TV advertisement 3.

Newspaper/magazine advertisement 4. Radio advertisement 5. Online advertisement 6. Website 7. Backbone 8. Email 9.

SMS Total 10 5. Survey outcome details a. Highest reach According to the survey the highest reach is tied between TV and social media that is Backbone. B.Most effective media vehicles The Backbone (Social media) although had a higher impact still tied with the TV in the survey. C.

Combination of media vehicle appear to be most effective The combination of TV, newspaper, word of mouth, radio, social media are effective in reaching the specific demographics but TV and Backbone had the cost impact. D. Other factors that have impacted on the effectiveness of the media vehicles According to the responses of the survey, Backbone with the particular social circle using the skin care product the response grew and with TV the advertisement with information about the skin care product clicked. . Selection of media vehicles Considering the results of the survey, the following media vehicles will be selected for the advertising campaign along with the stated advertising strength Media vehicles percentage 1. Broadcast Channel 7 Chant Nell 9 Channel 10 CBS BBC 5 2.

Print New idea magazine Women’s weekly magazine 3. Social media Backbone Twitter 25 4. Website 6. Rationale for media vehicle selection and legal and ethical requirements Media selected Justification Legal and ethical requirements High reach, frequency and relevance to the target audience Free TV Australia code of practice Broadcasting (Amendment) Act 2007.

Magazines Loyal readership Longer shelf life Highly targeted Tells a story in a picture Newspaper Libel and Registration Act 1881. Backbone & twitter Increased reach and frequency Less expensive Influential among groups No Legal requirements yet. Most measurable Engaged audience Flexible?can change ads on the fly On-demand, interactive medium 7. Mock-up of the reach and frequency In the application of statistics to advertising and media analysis, reach refers to the total number of different people or households exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period.Reach should not be confused with the number of people who will actually be exposed to and consume the advertising, though. It is just the number of people who are exposed to the medium and therefore have an opportunity to see or hear the ad or commercial.

Reach may be stated either as an absolute number, or as a reaction of a given population (for instance TV households’, ‘Women’ or ‘those aged 20?55’). The reason this multi-channel approach works is best explained through the concepts of reach and frequency. To make work well, it’s important to understand the relevancy of a medium to the target audience, too.Reach refers to the total number of people “in the audience” for your advertisement.

Frequency refers to the number of times an individual is exposed to your ad. Relevancy is exactly what it implies?how relevant your ad is to an individual at the time and in the context that he or she is exposed o it. Reach indicates the size of the undedicated audience.

When considering reach, it’s important to remember that an individual viewing or being exposed to an advertisement more than once does not increase its reach, but rather frequency.Frequency is how many times an individual is exposed to your ad in any medium. Frequency can be attained through repetition of ads during the campaign run dates, and/or by rotating advertisements between media types. Relevancy -If content is King, then relevancy is Queen. These days consumers have choices?what media to consume, when and how to buy their goods.

Before the buy, they can go online and research a product or service, from reading up on corporate messaging to accessing customer reviews.People won’t spend time with an ad if it’s not relevant to them?demographically, contextually, behaviorally, temporally. Reach, frequency and relevancy Reach Frequency Relevancy Highest reach Highest frequency Attentive audience Promotes brand personality Portrays real-life situations Combined audio and visual enhances effectiveness Increased reach Increased frequency Sounds increases recall Production done by radio station “In the Moment” medium Targets audience with active lifestyle

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