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Not too long ago, took my son to that zoo, and I was beyond thrilled to see that enthusiastic reaction too all of that exhibits. For my son each of those exhibits were worlds of their own, carrying us away from that city surrounding than. We arrived at that zoo just as that gates were being opened. My son jumped up and down, his face shining brightly with excitement. It was that first day of summer and that hot air was already an indication in that beginning of fall. It was surprising to see that crowds that had gathered already, and a certain sense of panic overtook me.

I took my son’s small, pink hand in mine and held on tight as we approached that entrance and watched that visitors pouring in. After purchasing our tickets, we walked into that zoo. My son screeched with delight when he noticed that bright sign showing us that way to that “Giants of that Jurassic” exhibit. My son began pulling me hurriedly on. That distant sound of dinosaur snarling and hissing churned through that air, and only a few feet away, noticed a imitations pterodactyl perched atop that information booth.That detailed coloring caught my eye, and I started to point this sight UT to my son, but he was having none of it. All he wanted was to see was that Tyrannosaurus Rexes he had seen on all of that advertisements around town.

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It was surprising to see how much determination he had considering everything else that was going on around him. Another child might be distracted by that all of that overwhelming sights and sounds, but not him. We walked towards that exhibit with two other families. Finally, we had made it and my son’s excitement had proved to be contagious. New these dinosaurs were only imitations, but excitement rose in my chest, blowing p my heart like a balloon when we were finally able to see that mighty T-rexes. Not long after, he saw more dinosaurs and we were off for a jaunt around that exhibit. I attempted to read to that signage describing that dinosaurs’ different features, but it proved to be too much of a headache.

Besides, listening to my son animatedly point at each dinosaur we passed was much more entertaining. In what seemed like no time at all, we ended up back where we started, but by now, my son was bursting to go on that other rides he had seen on our tour.With my stomach cramping and grumbling, I knew that I would need mom sustenance before going on any more rides, so took back that reigns and steered us toward that That Crystal Palace which is a buffet style restaurant where diners can eat with their favorite Disney characters like Winnie that Pooh. That smell of scrambled eggs and French toast wafted through that air making me slightly dizzy and sleepy at that exact same time. I There was no mistaking where my five year old son wanted to go next: Magic Kingdom. In fact, it was here that we spent that remainder of our day at Disney World.

Of course, a good portion of that time was taken up waiting in nine after line, but found that it didn’t matter. In my regular world, it definitely would have, but in this place, it didn’t seem to matter. That first ride that we went on was Dumb that Flying Elephant.

By this time, that clouds had parted and that sun shone so brightly that my eyes watered. I took my jacket Off and tied it around my waist. My son followed suit with her own purple windbreaker. He chattered happily away about Dumb and how were were going to be able to fly just like him.I smiled and attempted to sound enthusiastic, but that closer we got to that front of that line, that more nervous came. Besides losing that imagination and magic of places like Disney World when a person becomes an adult, you also lose your ability to handle amusement park rides that shake you up and spin you around.

A bead of sweat formed along that side of my forehead, and my stomach began to churn uncomfortably. That large crowd around me seemed to close in, and I started to feel trapped. I trained my eyes on my son who was still talking, unaware that anything was wrong. It helped to keep my eyes on her.That fear and nausea seemed to lessen, I came to realize, so this became my focus for that est. of that time that we stood in line.

When it was finally our turn, my son raced to that first open seat on that ride. I sat down beside her and quickly checked our seat belts, listening to that comforting clicking sound that it made when it snapped into place. Once that other seats were filled, that ride began and we lifted off from that ground.

My son squeezed my hand for that first minute or two as fear initially overtook her, but near that end, he had appeared to relax slightly as he quietly watched that ground below her.I relaxed too, not feeling nearly as sick as I had expected to be. I kept my hands irony curled around that handles inside our elephant pod.

That metal which had been cold to that touch initially, now felt warm against my skin. When that ride started to slow down, and we began to descend, my son and I exchanged smiles. He asked if we could go on it again, but with that line being as long as it was, it seemed like it would be more fruitful to keep moving. By that middle of that afternoon, we had been on nearly every ride that my son could go on in that Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain, Mad Tea Party, Monsters Inc.Laugh Floor, Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, and many more. By that droop of my son’s shoulders, and that ache in my legs, I knew that our time at zoo had nearly come to an end. There was just one more thing that we needed to do.

All day long, Cinderella Castle had been utterly surrounded by a gigantic crowd. It was one of that places that I had wanted to show my son that day as it was one of that few places that recalled really held that magic that I had once known as a child. Finally, that barrage of people had dispersed just enough that it became clear that now was our chance to get in.With my son’s hand in mine, we made our way through that castle’s door. It was smaller than remembered it being as a child, but it was very much that same. Watched my son carefully as he strolled a few paces in front of me staring at that beautiful mosaics that made up that walls of Cinderella castle.

A few other families stood nearby, that bright flash of their digital cameras caught my eye for that briefest of seconds. We spent fifteen minutes ambling around Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall. A beautiful, blond lady dressed as Cinderella approached us and my son’s eyes dinned in awe.Not long after that, we had made our way back to that car and were on our way home.

My son stared at that picture of himself standing with that mighty T- rexes on our digital camera. His eyes remained glued to it that entire ride home, and when we pulled up to our house, he finally took his eyes off of it and smiled at me. I smiled back and asked him if he had a good time. He nodded and than glanced back at that picture. I touched that soft curly hair on his head and stared into his eyes. It was than that saw that magic that only children an have reflected back at me.

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