Describing Unique selling essay

Explaining three factors responsible for the increasing importance of business intelligence in organizations b.

Elaborating any two divisions of benefits from business intelligence 2 Roles and responsibilities must be well defined in any organizations to perform well. The effectiveness of business intelligence teams can be improved to a greater extent when the roles and responsibilities are well defined within the organization. A. What are the reasons that bring confusion in the roles and responsibilities in business intelligence teams? B.Explain the different roles in a programmer team. A.

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Listing the three reasons that bring confusion in the roles and responsibility in Bal team b. Listing the six different roles in a programmer team Explaining 6 different types of roles in a programmer team 3 Critically analyses the risks involved in data mining. Explaining the five potential risks of data mining 4 a. What are Business intelligence tools? B.

Differentiate between tools supporting insight creation capability and those supporting presentation capability a. Describing the meaning of business intelligence tools b.Differentiating the four tools according to their capabilities 5 Market research is a sign efficient element of marketing since it is responsible for studying the customer and fulfilling their needs. Explain Market Models based on the concept of Business intelligence. Explaining any up’s from the up’s model of marketing/service marketing mix Describing Unique selling Proposition model Describing Brand positioning 6 Explore the benefits of cloud computing

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