Describe and young people but the adults

Describe why schools have policies and proceduresPolicies and procedures are put in place in schools not only to protect children and young people but the adults that work there. It is essential that all staff follow safe working practices to make sure that not only children are protected but ourselves. For example, if a child tells a member off staff something it is vital that is always taken seriously even if it proven to be untrue or inaccurate. There will be a great number of policies and you should know where to find them in your school so you are able to use them when needed. Policies are a powerful tool to make sure that the organisations value and belief are implemented in everyday practice.

Identify the policies and procedures school may have Schools will have policies and procedures relating to (staff) fire drills, school behaviour, attendance, teachers’ pay, health and safety, data protection, CBR vetting checks, (pupil welfare) sex education, behaviour, fire drills, home school agreement, special educational needs, accessibility plan, charging and remissions, anti-bulling (teaching and learning) early years, homework, marking, attendance, admissions agreement,

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