Dengue fever, also know as break bone fever, is an acute communicable disease caused by virus.

Types. Classic dengue Dengue hemorrhagic fever Symptoms Fever: continuous for 3 to 5 days Severe headache Painful limbs, joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, pain behind eyeballs Rash appears on the 3rd to 4th day after onset. Nausea, vomiting. Slight gum bleeding and nasal bleeding. Extreme fatigue and depression may follow In very rare cases, the condition may worsen into dengue hemorrhagic fever, leading to hemorrhage, shock or even death.

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High-risk dengue patients that need special attentionInfants under 1 year of age Overweight/obese patients Massive bleeding Change of consciousness, especially restlessness and irritability or coma presence of underlying diseases e. G. Tallahassee, G-6-PDP deficiency, heart disease Old age Signs of shock : Rapid pulse with no fever Prolonged capillary refill time Cold clammy skin, mottling Narrowing of pulse pressure Hypertension Algeria, no urine for 4-6 hours Change of consciousness: drowsiness to stupor, restlessness, irritability (encephalopathy) NC 1 Hyperthermia related to the dengue virus infection Goal: Normal body temperatureExpected outcomes: The body temperature been 3637 CO, muscle pain disappeared. Intervention: 1 . Assess the patient’s body temperature Rational: find an increase in body temperature, facilitate intervention.

2. Give warm compresses Rational: reduce heat to heat transfer by conduction. Warm water is slowly control the heat removal without causing hypothermia or shivering.

3. Provide / encourage patients to drink plenty of 15002000 c / day (as tolerated). Rationale: To replace fluids lost due to evaporation.

4. Instruct patient to wear clothes that are thin and easy to absorb sweat.

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