Definition: Psilocybin is a chemical structure that is found in different kinds of mushrooms. They are popular for their hallucinogenic effects.
How the Drug is Used: The drug is used mainly just by eating the mushrooms or mixing them in with other foods.
4 Physical Effects: Some physical effects are mood/visual hallucinations, vomiting, muscle weakness, confusion, lack of coordination, and changes in body temperature.
Kind of Drug: Shrooms are a hallucinogen, so they cause hallucinations, which lead to disorientation and mental confusion.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) Psilocybin can stay in your system for up to 3 days. 2) Less than 1% of the population has reported using shrooms. 3) Shrooms can be used medically to help patients deal with distress.


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Definition: Inhalants are drugs that can only be taken through inhaling.
How the Drug is Used: As it says in the name, inhalants are taken by inhaling. They can use “sniffing,” “snorting,” “bagging,” and “huffing.”
4 Physical Effects: Some of the physical effects include distorted speech, lack of coordination, euphoria, dizziness, and liver/kidney/bone marrow damage.
Kind of Drug: Inhalants are asphyxiants, which means that they replace oxygen when used.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) If you overdose on inhalants, you may end up in a coma. 2) There is treatment for addiction to inhalants. 3) Many things can be inhalants, such as glue, markers, and cleaning fluid.


Definition: Cocaine is a highly addictive drug made from the coca plant in South America.
How the Drug is Used: Some ways that people use the drug include snorting it while it is in powder form, rubbing it on their gums, or dissolving it and injecting it directly into their bloodstream.
4 Physical Effects: Some physical effects include mental alertness, hypersensitivity, irritability, and paranoia.
Kind of Drug: Cocaine is a stimulant, so it increases physiological and nervous activity in your body.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) Effects of cocaine can go away in as little as a few minutes to an hour. 2) Death from overdose can happen after the first use. 3) Street dealers mix it with other things, such as starches, to make more money.


Definition: Heroin is an opioid drug. It comes from the seed pod of poppy plants that grow in many places across the world.
How the Drug is Used: People can use heroin by sniffing, snorting, injecting, or smoking it.
4 Physical Effects: Some physical effects include throwing up, itchiness, difficult mental functioning, insomnia, and dry mouth.
Kind of Drug: Heroin is a depressant, so it reduces nervous body function.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) Sharing injection equipment can cause the spread of diseases. 2) Heroin can be a white/brown powder or a black sticky substance. 3) If opioid pain medicine is abused, heroin often also becomes in use.


Definition: LSD, or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is a hallucinogen made from lysergic acid, which is a fungus that grows on grains.
How the Drug is Used: LSD is in solid and liquid form, usually coming in sugar-cube-like forms, window panes, and blotted paper.
4 Physical Effects: Some physical effects include unbalance of emotions, increased blood pressure, increased body temperature, and loss of appetite.
Kind of Drug: LSD is a hallucinogen, so it causes hallucinations, which lead to disorientation and mental confusion.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) A “trip” refers to an experience with LSD. 2) Some users who have taken it before may have to take even more than they did previously to achieve the same results because they have built up tolerance. 3) LSD use has been going down over the years.


Definition: Ecstasy is a drug that alters mood and perception.
How the Drug is Used: It can be swallowed as a capsule, crushed and snorted, or consumed in liquid.
4 Physical Effects: Some physical effects include muscle cramps, teeth clenching, chills, sweating, and blurry sight.
Kind of Drug: It is similar to hallucinogens and stimulants, causing users to experience increased energy, pleasure, emotional comfort, and distortion.
3 Interesting Facts: 1) Physical effects can continue for up to a week after consumption. 2) It can promote trust and closeness when used. 3) Ecstasy is also called Molly and MDMA.

A robot is a machine used to perform certain delicate and delicate functions that a human being can not perform because of the unavailability of his presence in the place or the high precision required by these tasks. For example, a robot has been replaced by a human alternative to complex surgeries, and it is also used for the removal and dismantling of mines planted during wars and colonial periods, and is used in the search for resources In addition to its military uses, in carrying out tasks, espionage, and in industry, especially in factories dealing with delicate, sensitive and dangerous products that contain environments that are not suitable for the human nature, apart from its use in entertainment and service. It should also be noted that there is an engineering specialization called Mechatronics Engineering is looking at the development of robots and manufacturing to meet all requirements and human needs. To design a robots we need a electronic engineering and computer engineering , so the electronic engineer will make the circuit of the robots and he know which devices are available or not and computer engineer will use the hardware to run the software.
The robots have many of application can do it:
1. Outer Space Applications: Robots are playing a very important role for outward space scouting. The robotic unmanned spacecraft is used as the key of exploring the stars, planets.
The most popular robots that used to scouting the space is “Mars rovers of NASA” in 1997 the robots drive down on a Martian soil in early of July, the mission of this robots is to study and navigated the surface of the plant .
2. Health Service Surgery Operations robots are used to perform some tasks during the operation or all tasks. The hospital was approved in 2000 by the US Food and Drug Administration. Since then, many hospitals in Europe and the United States have supplied robots. The patient has many health benefits, including:
faster healing. 1.
2. Reduce pain and loss of blood during exercise.
Mitigating the effects of wounds resulting from the operation. 3.
4. Reduce the likelihood of inflammation.
3. Military Applications: Demining The robot is used in the form of an armored vehicle to remove mines, some of which may be explosive, as some of these robots pull the mine into it and then explode into an isolated environment. This robot is given commands via a remote control, and the robot, which is one example of these robots, can scan a thousand square meters per hour.
4. Intelligent Home Applications: We can monitor home safety, environmental conditions and energy usage with intelligent robotic home systems. Door and windows can be opened automatically and system such as lighting and air conditioning can be programmed to activate. This assists riding unheeding of their state of mobility.


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