Defining Key Medical Treatments essay

This type of speculum may consist of a reusable handle with a disposable peaceful tip, or it may be a disposable one- piece unit. Ophthalmologic- is a lighted instrument used to examine the inner structures of the eye. Outscore- is used to examine the ear canal and the tympanis membrane. The outscore consists of a light source, a magnifying lens, and an ear speculum. An outscore also may be used to examine the nostrils and the anterior sinuses. Like a nasal speculum, an outscore may have disposable tips. Tuning Fork- tests patients’ hearing.

It resonates at a specific constant pitch hen set vibrating by striking it against a surface or with an object, and emits a pure musical tone after waiting a moment to allow some high overtone to die out. Sphygmomanometer- Or blood pressure cuff, is a piece of equipment used to measure blood pressure typically consisting of an inflatable rubber cuff that is applied to the arm and connected to a column of mercury next to a graduated scale, enabling the determination of systolic and diastolic blood pressure by increasing and gradually releasing the pressure in the cuff.

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Stethoscope- is used to listen to body sounds. It is described in more detail in the vital signs and measurements. Thermometer- is used to measure body temperature. Penlight- is a small flashlight used when additional light is necessary for a small area. It also may be used to check pupil response in the eye. Vaginal Speculum- is used to enlarge the vagina to make the vagina and the cervix accessible for a visual exam and specimen collection. This instrument is used only for a female when an examination and testing of the female productive system is done.

Tape Measure- is a long, narrow strip of fabric, marked off in inches and sometimes in centimeters, used to measure size or development of an area or part of the body. The process of assassination for Ophthalmologic, Outscore, Penlight, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, tape measure, tuning fork, laryngeal mirror, and nasal speculum. Use detergent or as indicated by the manufacturer. Applies to instruments that do not touch the patient or that touch only intact skin.

Disinfect these instruments after assassination if they have come in contact with blood or body fluids. Disinfection- use only EPA- approved chemical or a 10% bleach solution to kill infectious agents outside the body. Applies to instruments that touch intact mucous membranes, but do not penetrate the patients’ body surfaces. Sterilization- Moonscape, vaginal speculum use an autoclave or approved method to kill all microorganism.

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