Deficiency fact that the 60% cultivated soil have

Deficiency of essential micronutrients is a hot burning issuein developing countries such as Zn, Fe, that lead to the improperA1   growth, and development.The population of the world grown day by day and expected to be 10 million in2050 (United Nations, 2013) .Food security is amajor challenge in the 21st century due to the limited avaibility ofthe water recourses , fertilize land and the declining in the micronutrients inplants ( Blindauer et al., 2010). Oneimportant feature that effects both plant growth as well as the nutritionalvalue of field crops are micronutrients (Schmidet al.

, 2010). Low levels of accessible mineral supplements in soil, impropersupplement administration of the minerals, with the absence of the plants genotypeshaving lack of tolerance to deficiency of nutrient are the major cause of foodsecurity and the deficiency of essential micro nutrients in peoples. The factthat the 60% cultivated soil have the problem of nutrients deficiency. Therefore,human diet in numerous ranges of the world does exclude the basic metalsupplement necessities, causing from minor immunological reforms to death (Akkermanset al., 2016). Deficiency of thenutrients occurs in all over the world (Hodson & Donner, 2013).

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The FAO (2011). Considers that almost a billionpeople are under-nourished, most in sub-Saharan Africa (239?million) and Asia(578?million). The yield is low in these areas due to their soil and deficiencyof micronutrients such as Zn, Mn, Fe, these areas required the improvement of nutritionuptake and the fertilizers. (Gregory et al., 2014).

25-30% agriculture land have small avaibilityof Fe, Zn, and Cu (Broadley et al., 2007; White & Greenwood., 2013). Many chronic disease that occur in societies due to under nourishmentrelated to the essential micronutrients .

But this is masked by improving thesoil and the micronutrients uptake system (Graham et al., 2012).The deficiency of nutrient cannot only achieved only by thefertilizers because 20-80% of nutrients present in fertilizers are lost in theenvironment due to the complex chemistry of soil that reduce the nutrients (Sebilo et al.

, 2013).There is no doubt that the productionof fertilizers with the improvement of the nutrients uptake system could reducethe loss of nutrient and  use offertilizers (Withers et al.,2014 ) .In the 21 Century, plant nutrition researchbecome a major area in meeting the food production with the increase inmicronutrient. Developing the crop varieties, inwhich uptake of metals have been improved (Eggertand von Wiren., 2013) A1


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