DEATH PENALTY IN INDIAIn colonial India, death was

DEATH PENALTY IN INDIAIn colonial India, death was prescribed as one of the punishments in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 which listed a number of capital crimes. The first hanging in Independent India was that of Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case on 15 November 1949.”An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

but to give justification to his death, his murderers were hanged. in December 2007, India voted against a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty. In November 2012, India again upheld its stance on capital punishment by voting against the UN General Assembly draft resolution seeking to end the institution of capital punishment globally but On 31 August 2015, the Law Commission of India submitted a report to the government which recommended the abolition of capital punishment for all crimes in India, except the crime of waging war against the nation or for terrorism-related offences. The report cited several factors to justify abolishing the death penalty, including its abolition by 140 other nations, its arbitrary and flawed application and its lack of any proven deterring effect on criminals.Keeping a rapist or a murderer for years in jail with all facilities and letting them free after a period of time is no justice to the the same time if death penalty affect the society positively then giving capital punishment should reduced the crimes happening in india but it is vice versa.

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Enhancing the efficiency of the legal system will be more effective than enhancing the punishment. The philosophy of india is that hundred guilty can be acquitted but one innocent should not be convicted that is why india insist capital punishment only in the “rarest of rare cases”In death penalty research project conducted by national law university delhi they found that eighty percent of the accused facing capital punishment has not completed the school and they started to work before the age of also gives us a statistical data that Dalits and Adivasis constituted 24.

5 percent among those on death row and members of religious minorities were over 20 per centThe first comprehensive study of the socio-economic profile of prisoners serving the death sentence in India has revealed that most are from economically vulnerable sections and backward communities. why do they make crime?.is social setup in india is not good or the need for them to survive in the world?. is it the Desire to live the life what others live ? the need to satisfy the basic necessity of their life.

the need to satisfy their hunger. The need to live the life they deserve. still there are people in india who couldn’t afford three proper meal every day. The government of india is not ready to concentrate on three important factor which is education, health and environment. it makes sense that why Robert kiyosaki said in his book rich dad poor dad that “money is the root cause of all the evil”The psychological effect on people who are in death row is very cruel when a death row person is kept isolated it will cause death row syndrome to him or her.

The convicted person who was affected by death row syndrome may show suicidal tendencies and psychotic delusion. when the execution was delayed prisoners wait for years that they would die one day and it makes death penalty more difficult.Conclusion Every individual in india very well know about the case of nirbhaya , on 12th December 2012 the 23 year old women was brutally raped and after 16 days of incident the women died. the four convicts pawan,vinay,mukesh singh,akshay kumar singh were awarded death sentence by high court. the fifth accused ram singh committed suicide in jail. mohammed afroz one of the accused who was minor and most cruel and perverted one who inserted iron rod into the victim he was not awarded death penalty but stayed in juvenile home for three years and came out of juvenile home.

Is this the humanity? It proves that the humanity died in india. this doesn’t hurt me but when sunny leone came to kerala for the opening ceremony of some digital showroom thousands of malyali’s gatherd to welcome her,who is she? Is she a respectable women who worked for country or some welfare of the society . a pornography actress she got viral in social media whereas we didn’t care about people like Lakshmi agarwal who was brutally attacked by one litre of acid whereas she marched to supreme court for seven years and brought a judgement that nobody can use or buy or sell acids unless they have the proper authority from the government of india. We didn’t care about what happened to the accused of nirbhaya they are still alive ,very proud of their act. we won’t gather for this kind of activities.

according to me it’s a national shame for country which has a traditions and customs for years .when a country doesn’t give a proper justice to it’s accused then it is believed that there is no proper setup of law and justice are we proud of the quote “truth alone triumph”. We the people of india have born in the country where Gandhi thought as ahimsa but we also have bhagat singh and subash Chandra bose in our blood. though we have white in our national flag we also have saffron which shows that we have strength and courage to stand for our country.


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