Dear because this opportunity would help me

Dear Sir or Madam,With this letter, I would like to express my interest in having an internship at name of company (most likely an hospital).I am 15 years old and I am currently doing the pre-university education, 4VWO. With IB English added to it. I have already got my junior Cambridge diploma and I am currently studying for my senior Cambridge diploma. I have decided to apply for an internship at your company, because I am sure it will strongly enrich my overall experience, future studies and help me in my prospective career. I have chosen to apply for this internship, because I am really interested in how it is to work for a company such as yours. And because this opportunity would help me build a better future for not only myself but for society as a whole.

The thought of saving lives and working at the same time really speaks to me. Since the last couple of years I have found out, that I would like to specialize in Science but mostly in Health. The company name of the company I am sending this to gives me a chance to get in touch with these subjects. Ever since I had Biology, I was fascinated with nature and the human body and I’m eager to continue studying it. I would like to use my internship at the company I am sending this to for further developing my knowledge about the human body and how it works and for further developing my skills in medical research. The possibilities that are given to me by the company I am sending this to would aid me in my future studies. I would gladly learn about the human body and health.

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I am ambitious to spend a week at the company I am sending this to. This would give me a chance to expand my medical knowledge in the encouraging environment of a company such as yours. In addition, I could improve my English and I am confident that my experience in the company I am sending this to would be exceedingly appealing, enjoyable, and valuable for both my studies and overall general development. Yours faithfully,Kelvin Kuiper


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