Dear must thank god everyday for giving another

Dear Wife and daughter, All day I have been fighting the feeling which has been fear and terror.My courage did halt nor falter. All your letters of how beautiful my daughter is becoming day by day.

The realization that I am not enduring all these years and months of my beloved daughters growth being all thrown away.Never got the opportunity to see her first steps nor to hear her laughter .A father without his beloved ones.I live in fear,horrifying how I might never see you again.I may die someday it is god’s will for those to chose whom will die.

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If I shall die one day you and our daughter will always have a special place in my heart till death do us part.This morning I woke up with a terrible wound and woke up tent where the wounded soldiers were where some found themselves with only one limb.I must thank god everyday for giving another day on this earth.I have about recovered the entire use of my leg and I do not wish to suffer any pain further from any other trenched wound.I thank god for having the opportunity to write to you and my daughter.

However,many soldiers begged for their parents, friends, wives and significant others to write back as soon as possible.Thank god himself for this opportunity.Casualties had to be done from the battle to the locations where nurses could be able to help the wounded or hurt,some did not make it.Dead bodies being carried in carts and yet god let me live another day.The horrid I have gone for the past few days is one of the most dehumanizing experiences.The bloodiest battle field I’ve seen.

People during in the battle field with the love ones hearts still endured in them.And if god thinks it’s the time then i shall die in battle.Nothing to fear but fear itself.

I hope too see you and our beloved daughter soon once the right time comes.I thought courage and strength will eliminate all the fear within.Rather than to expose it.But hope is what got me going. If i may die from this tresous wound may die as a man who has somebody in this world to love.To have a opportunity to be loved by someone so badly and to find love.May god unite us one day as a perfect family.Untill we unite….see you soon Yours Truly ,Bobby


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