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Dear Sir, Madam,Through this motivational letter, I would like to put forward mycandidacy for enrolment in this programme and I am certain that this Bachelor’sprogramme will help me to fulfil myself. I am currently finishing my last year of high school and every dayspend a lot of time to become a better version of myself in order to achieve mygoals and dreams. My ambition is tobe one among the best in my future profession. In this program, which I havechosen, I have found all that is necessary for me.

For the implementation of mymain goal – to enter the university,I am studying independently a lot, am attending English courses and takingprivate lessons. Together with Russian and Lithuanian literature, I have begun to read more English literature (readingis one of my favourite passion already for a long time). It has impacted mylife in many ways. It doesn’t just increase my vocabulary, but also allows meto enter into new worlds.

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While reading, I often use the dictionary, not onlyfor the translation, but also in order to understand clearly semantics of words.Also, I am inspired to learn English byYouTube video clips by the teacher on ‘JamesESL English Lessons’ channel,which helps me a to start talking like native speakers. I am interested in hismethods of presenting information and I have taken several notes for myself for my future job.My rest of spare time (leisure) I like to spend on writing poems, listeningpodcasts and music.

What is more, I have mastered a new style of dance’ theVogue’. I have participated in competitions individually and in the group, Iwas winning and losing. All mentioned above, have(had) developed in me abilities to be flexible, organized,think “out of the box”, and most of all, improved my communicative skills.I want to study at university because most time of educationfocused on practice it is exactly what I need also I want to sort out allsubtleties of the English language as it has evolved across the centuries.

Iwant speak fluently on professional level of English and together with it idesire begin learning additional language. also, I want join and communicate tostudents from all over the world and in perspective become the excellent workerin my field


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