Dear on my past work experience, I

Dear Hiring Manager This letter is written by me to express my deep attention in securing a sales person position with your company. As a part of my interest in the job, I’m providing you the necessary resource. I am a very hard working individual with great interpersonal and communication skill. Based onmy past work experience, I have accomplished various things throughout my working life as well as established a very strong bond with my client and full fill their needs-based the requirements provided.

all the way through, my work experience, I have developed plenty of skills including loyalty and responsibility to manage tasks under work pressure without any interruption. Since I have years of experience working with people from different background, I have emerged a great interpersonal communication that distributes with diversity.I hope my work experience can meet your job vacancy requirement for that position I’mapplying to your company. Finally, I need to say a few words to describe my desire for the job.

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“I can do this job, and I’m very positive about it and I will make sure that you won’t be disappointed by hiring me again, I’m assured that I’m the right person for this job than another applicant and I’m ready to prove that to you” I have attached my resume, and I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration on my application and hope to hear from you very soon.Thanking you for your time reviewing my application.


I'm Gerard!

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