Dear still at the end your vibe

Dear Bombay- Since childhood I heard a lot about youNow I wonder how it is all trueIt just seems yesterday when I came near youA nervous perplexed girl trying to find comfort in a few…Now I know you a lot, its like we have a certain kind of knotYou seem a lot tragical, still at the end your vibe is so magicalHow you survived the taj attackIt still leaves all of us taken abackThere is something that binds the people around youIt feels all the festivals over here a part of youIts ironical how a Mercedes runs beside a beggarSomehow still connecting all the peoples heart together…Vadapavs and cutting chai are all time favouritePeople over here work without any breakQueens necklace finds you solaceThe Ganesh fest over here last for daysPeople face hardships but still say I am fineRich or the poor, the smile on their face always shinesJust like a fantasy landYou are someone where everyone is a Bollywood fanIf the rains are the heart, the local trains are the beatsIts so obvious this city never sleepsYes I am in love with the city of dreamsAamchi Mumbai is all what I speak…By- Tanvi Raiththa I Wonder – I Wonder, I WonderWhen I began to ponderFrom where these beautiful things emerge With a smile submergedFrom where the words originateWith the feelings they inculcateWhere do the words dwellAnd how do they spellHow would we expressIf words remain suppressedSubmerged I amIn my own worldIn search of unknown swirlUnknown about the pathI begin to departIn hope of a beam of lightThat will take me to the rightWhen sunlight gleamsI will reach to the world of my dreams….By – Tanvi RaiththaJourney of Life- Looking around me I wonderWill someone shed tears on my departAnd play its partWill I lay lonely at my death bedWith all the leafs shedBecause life is just a playWhere we all have to stayPlaying your roles is a tough jobNot everyone can do this with a sobOwn rules it hasFor one it sharesBut alas you have to departLeaving all your partsWith a soul full of memoriesWith a peaceful deliveranceAt the end we play our partAnd take depart…By – Tanvi RaiththaGlimpse Of Perfection-The world always ought for a glimpse of perfectionShe tried hard for the worlds satisfactionBecause she was not a perfect girlWith that magnificent swirlShe was not a daughter that always obeyed her fatherShe choose to be independent ratherShe was a girl with flawsThat never took a pauseThe world loved the way she flauntedWith the confidence she wantedShe was just a reflection For a glimpse of perfection…By – Tanvi Raiththa(Batch of 2018-21)


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