David England against a background of extraordinary social

David Copperfield is set in early Victorian England against a background of extraordinary social change. The Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth hundreds of years had changed the social scene and empowered entrepreneurs and makers to store up colossal fortunes. In spite of the fact that the Industrial Revolution expanded social portability, the hole amongst rich and poor stayed wide. London, an overflowing mass of humankind lit by gas lights during the evening and obscured by dingy mists from smokestacks amid the day, ascended in dull difference to Britain’s scantily populated country regions. An ever increasing number of individuals moved from the nation to the city looking for the open doors that mechanical development guaranteed. However, this relocation overpopulated the effectively swarmed urban communities, and destitution, malady, dangerous industrial facility conditions, and rickety lodging ended up noticeably boundless.

Dickens intensely watched these wonders of the Industrial Revolution and utilized them as the canvas on which he painted David Copperfield and his other urban books

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