“Data Artificial intelligence and expert system. This is

“Data is the new oil” but if unrefined it cannot really be used.

Therefore, data needs to be broken and analyzed to have value. I came across apaper published by Gregory Paitetsky on Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)as I had undertaken a Database Management course during my bachelors. The ideaof making the data extremely robust and cogent with the use of algorithms anddata mining techniques seemed very fascinating and propelled me to read manysuch articles and gain in-depth knowledge regarding Data mining and its applicationsin Artificial intelligence and expert system. This is one of the many reasonsthat boosted my inclination towards the field of data and business analytics.  Throughout my high school, I was able to maintain an excellent record inacademics. This aided me in securing admission in my under-graduation collegeand pertaining to my interest in computers I majored in Computer Science.Engineering was a steep curve and I enjoyed it. Here, I received disciplinedknowledge in a variety of subjects like Algorithms, Database Management System,Data structure, Language Processor, Expert System, Introduction to Businesssystems, System simulation and modelling which fuelled my proclivity forcomputer Programming.

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 Since computer science is more of a pragmatic course, I did not restrainmyself merely to theory. In the second year of my graduation Iworked on a project designed to capture livedata packets over the networkand decode them for various TCP/IP layers. I chose this project outof my interest in data analysis in which data was captured and analysed toextract useful information.

This project was a big boost, which led to my majorproject, ‘Virtual Classroom’. It was a web basedapplication that could be used as an interactive and distancelearning tool. The technologies used in the project were advance JAVA (J2EE)and SQL. This project also enhanced my projectmanagement and time management skills.In addition to this Icompleted a certification conducted by Oracle to build a strongfoundation in database querying. My vibrant academic pursuits however, did not prevent me fromparticipating in various extra-curricular activities. Ever since myschool days, I have been an active sportsperson.

Sports have instilled in me, asense of self-discipline and a never give up attitude, which forms myguiding force in all pursuits of my life. I represented my schools ingymnastics and Dance and I also hold formal training and ‘A’certificate in NCC (National Cadet Corps). At myWorkplace, I was a part of anNGO ‘OUTREACH’ where we used to teach computer science and Englishto underprivileged students. After I graduated college, I embarked upon the journey to test mypotential and knowledge. I started working at Cognizant as aProgrammer Analyst, where I worked for 2 years. Once, I completed a rigoroustraining on SQL and ASP.Net I joined a project where I worked with a retail andconsumer goods giant and was responsible for development and web analysis of itswebsites.

Here I gained a hands-on experience on Umbraco(Content Management System) andAdobe’s Site Catalyst which was used to monitor and improve websiteperformance. We used the reports in Site Catalyst to derive insights about howuser behavior and other KPIs, affect conversion and revenue. Working on thesedomains, I was able to improve upon my skills at data handling. The experiencesgarnered here formed a strong foundation for analytics within me. After gaining valuable professional experience at Cognizant, I joinedBOLD Technology System Pvt.

Ltd. in December 2016 as aSoftware Engineer. Here I am working on marketingand analysis tools like Marketo,Iterable, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Mixpanel for implementingconversion tracking on web and mobile basedapplications. This is followedby cleaning and transformation of the data collected to identify thetrends and understand the information that can drive business change.

This has served asthe motivation behind me taking the plunge in the field of Business Analytics. My work atBOLD Technology System Pvt. Ltd. has been a remarkable learning experience for me, as Ihave had several opportunities to handle trillion bytes of data, and scrutinizethe same to derive meaningful insights. I havenot only gained domain specific knowledge, buthave also developed soundbusiness acumen. To augment my skills further, I completed business intelligence and Bigdata related courses online and read various articles and books. Idecided to pursue a Masters in Business Analytics from a recognized universityas it will definitely set forth my goals to be adept at resolving complexbusiness issues using predictive analysis.

 I believe that the MS in Business Analytics program of Oklahoma StateUniversity would be perfect as it’s curriculum aligns with professionalinterests and current career track. I want to pursue Masters withspecialization in Marketing Analytics thus the electives like Web Analytics andDigital Marketing (BAN 5511) and Marketing Management (MKTG 5133) would enhancemy business and managerial skill set. The esteemed faculty of the institutionwould not only amplify my present understanding but also allow me to attain myambition.

I especially look forward to working under the tutelage of Dr. GoutamChakraborty and Prof. Jerry Reckley. Through intense coursework and bootcamps,I would gain hands-on experience in using tools such as SAS, R, Python, Tableauand others.

The capstone experience in the program would impart knowledge aboutframing analytics strategies and develop analytics solutions which would go along way in enhancing my expertise. After completing Masters from Oklahoma State University, I aim to becomean Analytics Manager or a Business Analyst, allowing me to be involved incarving business strategies using effective data analysis and reporting,discerning relationships/ correlations amongst disparate data and turningunstructured data into structured to work out on the best analytics solution tofit the client’s needs. In a few years I see myself being a part ofthe new wave of business analytics, which would increase the efficiency ofstrategic decision making, manifolds.



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