Data Communication and Networking Lab Exercise essay

All network administrators must focus the rules and their system and network administrations and clients will discover satisfactory. These operational conditions can be viewed as ordinary for that system. Studies have demonstrated that system supervisors are wagering on expanded transmission capacity as the answer for system issues.

A decently characterized and appropriately executed system testing methodology will help the system supervisor foresee the operation of the system.Different types of tests: 1. Ping test 2. Speed test 3. Net Index Ping Test Ping is a standard utility system accessible on generally PC’s.

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A ping utility sends test messages from the PC to a remote gadget over a TCP/IP system. Other than figuring out if the remote PC is as of now internet, ping likewise gives markers of the general pace or unwavering quality of system associations. The Ping utility is basically a system organizer and the apparatus that is utilized to check whether a PC is working further more to check whether system associations are in place.Ping uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (IGMP) Echo capacity which is point by point in RFC 792. A little parcel is sent through the system to a specific IP address. This parcel contains 64 bytes – 56 information bytes and 8 bytes of convention peruse data and the chance that the associations are great and the target PC is up, a great return bundle will be reversed.

PING can likewise tell the client the quantity of bounces that lie between two PC’s and the measure of time it takes for a parcel to make the complete excursion.

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