Danielle your product from competitors?Instead of water for

Danielle Berger, Gabby Billini, Lizzy North?Research? (Gabby)Why will people purchase your product?We made a unique product that no one has done before, and it is a very useful item to society! It helps dogs and humans! No longer will you have to schlep back home to get water for your dog!What challenges will you face?We will face challenges of people not knowing us at first because our competitors are more well-known. One of our competitors’ products have been considered “useless”.How will you overcome these challenges?We will prove that our product is really well, and eventually people will know us all around the country!What differentiates your product from competitors?Instead of water for dogs being in a backpack, it is flowing through the the actual collar! That way, the dog can drink easily.

Drill down on your market. Specifically, why is it well-suited for your product?It is well suited because it is specifically made for dogs all around the world.Step 1:The country we chose was the United Kingdom.Step 2:The product will sell well in the targeted culture. There are many dog shows, and it could be very useful during those. About 46% of the British people prefer dogs to cats.

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 B. Our product solves the problem of dog thirst. When people go on walks and their dogs get thirsty, they usually have to go back home. Our leash has water flowing through it, which solves that problem. -DBC. This is a new idea, it has not been done before.

It could make people like, “PFFFFT NEW STUFF HOW DO YOU WORK THIS” But it is very simple and effective.-LizzyD. Our target market people are any age, any gender, any ethnicity, any religion, and any profession. The only thing is that they must own a dog (duh). It is also in the UK, where the people LOVE dogs, so they will be sure to love our product. 24% percent of people have dogs. That means 15,513,600 people have dogs!-LIZZY E.

 The most popular individual pet owned in the United Kingdom is the dog, with 24 percent of people owning one. 15,513,600 people.  -DBF. I would definitely feel comfortable in that country. It is pretty well off, and most people speak English! -DBG. The country’s infrastructure 12.49$ Coastal Pet Nylon Personalized Dog Leash in Hunter, 6′ L X 3/8″ W, Medium, Green1.99$ Penn-Plax Standard Airline Tubing, 8-feet15.48$20$ 16.94€If everyone in the UK who have dogs buy it15,513,600*16.94€ = 262,800,384€13.11€*15,513,600 = 203383296€262,800,384€ – 203383296€=59417088€We earn 59,417,088€ (If everyone who has a dog in the UK buys this)We earn 70,132,365.65$Each of us would get 23,377,455.2$If everyone who have dogs in the USA bought it, 142,120,000*20$=2,842,400,000$15.48*142,120,000=2,200,017,600$2,842,400,000-2,200,017,600=642,382,400$We would earn 642,382,400$Each of us would get 214,127,467$Technically it would be 642,382,400$ OR MORE IF PEOPLE HAVE 2 DOGS OR IF THEY LOSE ITIf everyone who have dogs in the world bought it (assuming 44% of the world has a dog due to 44% of the USA having a dog)3,274,480,000*20$=65489600000$3,274,480,000*15.48$=50688950400$65,489,600,000-50,688,950,400=14,800,649,600$We would earn 14,800,649,600$Each of us would get 4,933,549,866.7$Technically it would be 14,800,649,600$ OR MORE IF PEOPLE HAVE 2 DOGS OR IF THEY LOSE ITIF EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO DON’T EVEN HAVE DOGS OR DO HAVE DOGS BOUGHT IT…7.442 billion*20$=148,840,000,000$7.442 billion*15.48$=115,202,160,000$148,840,000,000-115,202,160,000=33,637,840,000$We would earn 33,637,840,000$Each of us would get 11,212,613,333$11 BILLION DOLLARS??????¿¿???¿¿¿¿¿?¿?¿¿?¿¿?!??!????¿????¿¿???!?~?Oh YESSSTechnically it would be 33,637,840,000$ OR MORE IF PEOPLE HAVE 2 DOGS OR IF THEY LOSE IT*huff huff* I did so much mathh….


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