DALIUS herself, a show that many need to

DALIUS MONROSEStudent #AC1800276EN120 English Composition IAssignment # 02: Descriptive Writing February 11th, 2018My Best FriendShavelle is as beautiful as a Hollywood star. Her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully falls down to her shoulders and encircles her oval-shaped face.

A golden suntan usually brings out her smooth, dark complexion and high cheek bones. Her slightly arched chestnut black eyebrows highlight her emotions by moving up and down as she reacts to her world around her. Her twinkling dark brown eyes, reminds me of a hot chocolate tea on a stormy day. Her perfect little nose accents her face nicely and her mouth is a small mouth outlined by puffy lips that she often accentuates with glossy red lipstick. When she smiles, which is often, her well-formed and even, white teeth brighten up her whole face. Her body curves to form a figure any male would fight for. I have only begun to tell you of a wonderful person that I can call my best friend.

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             She can make me smile simply by being herself, a show that many need to lift their spirits. She loves to listen to my problems and interject advice that could help me through my struggles. Furthermore, I am mystified by her ability to just sit and listen to a poor soul like me pour out my mind; however, she sees it as an opportunity to let someone “unload.” In fact, she seems to be enlightened on all aspects of life, such as family and relationships, and finds it easy to relate to almost anyone or anything.

A quality that I find most intriguing about her is that she can take any situation and make the best of it. Though the most horrible things can happen to her, like running over a dog, she never seems to be having a dreadful day. Laughing comes naturally to her and she can bring joy into the most barren situation.             She seems to be the most responsible person I know; furthermore, just being able to control a full-time job and still do well in school amazes me. She does not stop there though, she can also manage to maintain a great relationship with her boyfriend, and still be an active member of her church. She is indeed an incredibly sensitive person who helps everyone in need.

Yet, she never seeks a reward for her kindness; moreover, she is so generous that she wants to share what she possesses with others. Whereas she does not tolerate is a lie, she has always told me that if you don’t tell the truth, you will only hurt your self-respect. In short, my best friend is one of the most important people in my life. Therefore, I believe that she has contributed greatly to my ability to show compassion and sensitivity for others.


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