CURRICULUM assistance Duration of service : 2014 to

CURRICULUM VITAEOF NOKUTULA MAUREEN RUTH MBELEPERSONAL DETAILS Surname : MbeleFirst names : Nokutula Maureen RuthGender : FemaleMarital status: MarriedIdentity number : 6811210493080Nationality: AfricanHome language : IsiZuluCriminal offense: NoneHealth: ExcellentAddress: 24 Buller Street Colenso 3360Drivers licence: Code 08Telephone : 0798355108Other language proficiency: EnglishE-mail address : [email protected] DETAILSSECONDARY EDUCATIONSchool: Wembezi High SchoolQualification : MatricYear obtained: 2008TERTIARY EDUCATIONInstitution : Afro-training institutionCourse : Introduction to computer trainingQualification: DiplomaWORK EXPERIENCEName of company: NedbankPosition : Client care assistanceDuration of service: 16 years (1992-2008)Name of company: EMSPosition: General assistanceDuration of service : 2014 to currentlyCHARACTER POTRIATE I am an honest, reliable, caring, able- blooded, hardworking, self-motivated and an outspoken individual. I am willing to grow in every sense of the word and determined to hone all my present skills, while at the same time attempt to learn and acquire new skills which, will serve to make me more versatile in all areas of my life in the corporate world.

It is part of my personal code to tackle any given task headfirst with my entire mental and physical prowess and believe that while failure is possible, it shouldn’t be an option. I thrive on challenges, appreciate and reserve the individuality of those around me. I believe that constructive should always be accepted and given occasion.REFERENCEName of person: Mrs MD MohamedPosition: Manager Telephone numbers : 036 638 4805: 083 957 3049

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