Currently, I imagine that I have already

Currently, I am 15 years old and keep thinking about what my future would be like twenty years from now. I imagine that I have already accomplished some of the goals when twenty years have passed.

First, I would be finished with my studies and graduate with good grades. This is a very important goal of mine because I want to be financially stable in the future. I also want to be able to support my parents when they grow old.

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By the time I turn 35, I see myself as a strong, independent, and mature person. I want to be seen as someone my loved ones can rely on. I can also imagine myself traveling around the world in the future once I have saved enough money. Of course, I’d take pictures of the beautiful scenery I’ll encounter in the future. I would then share these pictures with my family and friends and tell them stories about my experiences.I want to help others by donating to charities, especially those for children in need.

I’d also be able to help them out even more when I finally become financially stable in the future. The goals I mentioned are only few of the many goals I have in life. The only person that can get me there is myself, with my hard work, perseverance and God’s guidance. Most of all, I would thank God for giving me an opportunity to live a wonderful life.


I'm Gerard!

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