Currently, aspects of people’s spirituality such as

Currently, the term spirituality is used with religion. Religion comes from the Latin word “religare” meaning “to bind together” (Surbone & Baider, 2010). It is the observable aspects of people’s spirituality such as beliefs, values and rituals (Pehler ; Rosenberg, 2009). Spirituality comes from the Latin word “spiritus” meaning life, breath, wind and air, and can be referred back to the time when God gave life to Adam and Eve (McSherry, 2000). Spirituality is a complex concept and is define in different ways according to cultural and religious/spiritual needs.

Religious spiritual needs are the deep needs of an individual; if he is able to know the needs, then he can act accordingly and find meaning, value, purpose and hope in life even when life is threatened. All people have spiritual needs regardless of religious beliefs or personal philosophies of life (O’Brien, 2008). The spiritual needs of non-religious people are as significant as those of religion-affiliated persons (Sulmasy, 2009)

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