Currently, given is composed from silicon and oxygen.

Currently, method of manufacturing silica is used in the industry. It can be seen in the in the properties of their final product due to previous studies. Normally, the synthesis method for silica was non-economical and the size was produced had small pore size with poor dispersion in rubber.

That might cause silica is not yet widely used as filler for tyre to completely replace the carbon black which is commonly used. In addition, the industries was contribute new technology in production of tyre. A careful design of the manufacturing apparatus was used to advance the properties of the final products that are desired for a particular application. Thus, there are more strategies to improve the properties of silica to make it more suitable and accepted as green tyre filler. Silica has their own characteristics which is a colourless, white, and has chemical compound. Silica is known as silicon dioxide or SiO2 because the name given is composed from silicon and oxygen.

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Silicon and oxygen is made up from silica because of common elements on earth. Quartz is the mineral that make up by silica. Besides that, Pure silica also the one type of silica which is colorless, but it may be coloured, if contaminants are present in a sample of quartz. For example, rose quartz is silica with trace amounts of iron and Milky quartz is simply silica with air bubbles or inclusions of liquid that make the mineral appear white.


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