Currently, the latest technological developments at that

Currently, I am 20 years old and keep thinking about what I will be twenty years from now. I have conviction that I will have the following qualities when I am 40 years. First, after twenty years elapse from now, my international studies will be over. This implies that I will be working and pursuing other significant activities that interest me.

I will be the CEO of some company and will be earning millions. The fact that I will be single will not prevent me from being the happiest person ever.It is most likely that the current technology will be obsolete when I am forty. I will probably have several grandchildren and old children. These children will be surprised that I do not understand the technology at that time.

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My extended family will always enjoy my company. I will wish to learn the latest technological developments at that time. My eyesight will probably be poor and will have huge spectacles on. The spectacles could make me appear older than I will be about that time I will be forty.When I will be 40, I will spent most of my time in telling people about the life I lives as a teenage and a young adult. Most of my narrations will include the experience I would have had in my international study. If I return to my home country, people are likely to consider me as a unique person.

The unique perception that I get from people could make me develop undesirable characters. I will insist that one of my children keeps at least one pet and names the same pet after me. I will take frequent flights from Kuwait to the US to meet old friends because the flight takes a sheer 17 hours.After these international studies, I have several opportunities of getting into decent employment. At forty, I could be on my third and probably last job. I would have adequate experience that would make me an expert in most activities at my work places. Young people will admire my competence at work and would wish to have me as their friends.

I will be choosy in picking youthful people to be my friends. I will also avoid very old company to maintain my middle-age image.At 40, I will have several memories that will make me extremely wise in all the decisions I will be making. I will change my entire wardrobe to suit the expectation of my society at that time. If that society will expect me to adorn certain fashion fads, I will adhere to that. This does not suggest that I will abandon my current clutch bags.

I will always carry them regardless of the respective fashion statements at that time. I will also ensure that I have the bags in multiple colors for them to be noticeable to my friends.The change in time will not allow me to be as aggressive as I am currently. I will develop an extremely introverted culture that could make people call me nasty names. The introverted character is significant in learning what the respective thoughts of my children.

I will be an amazing parent who will not let children make similar mistakes to mine.


I'm Gerard!

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