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Current and emerging technologies in Electrical and Electronics concentrate on improving the quality of life in today’s society. A firm conviction that this area shapes our future for centuries to come has prompted me to take up a Master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics. In this extremely competitive world one cannot afford to rest on their acquired knowledge, but must be prepared to constantly learn more. This is the primary reason I am looking for a Master’s degree from a reputed university in the GermanyI finished my schooling in MES Kishore Kendra Public School affiliated to International Board of Secondary Education (ICSE), New Delhi and graduated with a distinction.

At school, I ensured that I did more than just academic work by participating in science projects, quiz competitions & project exhibitions. By this time I had developed great interest in the field of science and pursued it as a major stream at my pre-university level. Outside of school, I enjoy socializing and meeting new people with different backgrounds.

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I have spent a good amount of time on sports, cultural activities and leisure, thanks to my parents’ encouragement for making me an all-rounder. I particularly love playing throw-ball, badminton and chess. I have taken part in marathons, athletic events during school and college sports meet and have bagged the “Girls Champion Trophy” in both the levels. I find pleasure in nature camps and treks, with some adventure sports.I am pursuing my B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) in Telecommunication Engineering (TE) at Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology (Sir MVIT) and I am currently in 8th semester.

I can proudly state that my college is ranked as one of the top Engineering Colleges under the purview of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) and the department of TE is the one of most reputed. During the course of my Undergraduate study, I have consistently maintained a First Class with Distinction (FCD) in all the semesters. Recent developments in the field of Electronics have given ample scope for practical application and research work. I have also kept in touch with all the new discoveries by reading magazines such as ‘Electronics for You’ and it has kept me apprised of the latest advances in technology. In my view, no subject can be understood completely without a systematic, detailed, theoretical & practical curriculum with distinguished faculty; Sir MVIT has not failed to provide me with all these ingredients.

The core courses like Analog Electronics, Microprocessors, Digital Systems Design, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI, Analog & Digital Communication and Antennas have given me a good understanding of the theoretical aspects and the corresponding laboratory sessions have equipped me with abundant practical experience.In my final year of engineering, I find the field of ‘electrical and electronics’ simply fascinating and challenging. I completed a mini-project in my third year which is based on automation named “Smart Bathroom”, which requires no maintenance, suitable to be used in public places. The microcontroller used was msp430 which works on a low power mode. I interfaced many sensors and motors which was a good success. I even exhibited my work on “College Project Exhibition Day”.

I am aware that it’s necessary to develop solutions which were innovative and ones which were ‘the need of the hour”. The final year project titled ‘E-BIN’, is one theways we can manage waste in our household. It a basic waste-bin model but consists of segregator inside which segregates the waste at household level. This idea has been selected for the “Innovative Challenge Contest” held by Texas Instruments (TI).

While working on the project, I learnt a lot of things like dedication to work, hard work, passion managerial skills, contribution, working in a group and so on, which are crucial and have been building blocks of my personality. On various other occasions I tried to expand my knowledge by attending seminars and workshops in areas relating to Signal and Image Processing, Microcontrollers, Lab-view and programming languages. The key points I took from this experience was effective utilization of time and resources, importance of planning, taking collective decisions and the nuances of working as a team. Besides college academics, I have participated in various sports event conducted at college and district level. I have also organized intra and inter college fests. As the main event coordinator for our college departmental fest, I undertook leadership roles many a time and learned how to take positive criticism and praise in the right spirit.

I also value the importance of commitment and working successfully as a team member. I utilized every opportunity to socialize and exchange ideas over a wider range of student community.Your University boasts of one of the best research facilities in electrical and electronics engineering with highly qualified faculty members. The research works in progress on topics like computer networks, VLSI design and wireless communication along with the infrastructure in terms of laboratories and research centers is a dream setting for any budding professional. After going through your website, I found that by pursuing graduate studies at your university, I would be able to venture out into various subject domains and also develop a strong sense of independence coupled with responsibility and self-reliance.

I would be glad if I am given a research or a teaching assistantship, because in addition to easing the financial burden on me, it would go a long way in preparing me for a career in research and teaching.My short-term goals are to put in sustained and sincere effort to absorb the maximum knowledge from the best in the field. My long term objective is to be involved with the latest research pertaining to my field of study and to develop models that are structured and yet accords businesses the flexibility of customizing it to their regional and business requirements. I would be grateful if I’m given the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your institution and be able to justify your faith in me.

I see myself as an ambitious person with little but diverse range of abilities .With keen interest towards learning new things, I am sure to reach the expectation standard set by your university. This may even be arduous and demanding at times, but I am confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to ongoing research developments. The need for exposure to a wider and more diverse environment has included me to seek an opportunity to study in the United States, which has the ability to allocate and manage resources in every field of science, being the most progressive in its outlook.

I look forward for support and opportunity to peruse my graduate studies with sufficient financial aid.


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