Current Event essay

Radio a young woman was raped as many bystanders watched and videotaped the crime. I know that am to write about a current event happening around the world but I feel that this is an example of women being victimized and it being considered unimportant. I have not watched the video. I know it was during spring break for many college students including women so that means those young ladies watched as well. The unimportance comes from the deep rooted philosophy that women are second class citizens.

Although, many of us are the head of household or working the same job as a man but making less. Looking on BBC world news there is always an article reporting some type of mistreatment towards women. There is an article in Africa that 19 out of 20 rapes go unreported. Recently in Kenya a trio that raped a young lady received 15 years. In England a woman was raped after getting a lift home. The list can go on and on, not only in present time but years back.

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The greatest county in world USA always speaks about the Middle East and how women should have equal treatment when USA does not practice watch they preach. We have progressed more than many other countries. But For example I have 5 girlfriends whom I am very close with and 3 out of the omen was raped and never reported the crime. In Panama City Beach, Florida is an example to the world how far we have to go in reactivating the basic civil rights to all.

The act of rape alone must be a very humiliating and degrading act. The young lady had hundreds watching her and videotaped it like its normal. Our world as a long way to go with not only woman rights, civil rights and basic human rights.

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