Culture of behavior and language. Society shares a

Culture has an invisible tie which bonds and unifies people together. It is a collective treasure and memory which is somehow related to the development of our attitude. Culture is shared beliefs, values, customs and behavior that the members of the society cope with the world, It is also the traditions and customs that the govern behavior and beliefs, transmitted through learning. People learn culture from each other which can affect perception. While society on the other hand is a group of people who lives and shares the same cultural aspects such as beliefs, norms of behavior and language.

Society shares a common denominator with culture, In culture people called it as the rules that guide the way while in society it can be though as the structure that provides organization for individuals. Culture is an inseparable part of the society. Both are directly proportional to each other. Politics, Most people hate politics and government in nature.

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Many different definitions of politics exist. One definition defines politics as the conflict between groups over something they both want. Hating politics and government, both are needed as a mechanism for people to protect themselves. It is one of the main branches of philosophy some people think it is just an extra branch of ethics. It is very often said that politics is mainly about power.

We move through systems of power that other people made. It is regularly held to determine which wealthy liar will run the government which means rich people have to occasionally pretend to care what the oppressed people think. They exploit your deepest emotion to trick you into supporting anything at all.

Majority of the masses deal with many form of oppression. Unfortunately, groups of people are far more oppressed than the others. Oppression is the unjust treatment of a group of people.

It is subject to harsh and authoritarian treatment. I truly believe that, the government is a major culprit as for they are responsible for oppressing most of society. The world economic crisis is already at its peak in the Philippines and is likely to be a source of continuing social struggle. As the economic crisis continues a combination of cuts in wages and job losses will hit the working class hard. In all over the world, people are in the streets opposing neo-colonial occupation: control of land, people, and resources to benefit the wealthy. In a society based on rank, status, or caste, an individual’s station in life is fixed.

The rich, the middle class, and the poor; are described by the way we live and the amount of money one has. I stand with the people who are oppressed by those people who who are in power or in control of the system.


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