Culminating Activity Racism essay

Now no one really knows why or how racism all started but are many different beliefs as o why it did, for example some people have what is called “Xenophobia” which is the fear of people who are in anatomy different.

Another belief is the need to feel “K” or to feel worthwhile this leads to people trying to feel superior over others by putting them down or being racist towards them. One more reason as to why racism all started is because people learned to conceal fear with racism.Many people react with fear towards those who look or come across different to them. But instead of showing fear or that they are afraid they use racial comments or racial slurs. Could go on and on bout the reasons it all started but why not starting coming up with solutions on how we can get it all to come to an end so we can all live peacefully and equally and without being judged for the color of our skin or where we come from or what eat, etc.

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The first solution that I have is to make sure its known by everybody if I can, I would start a huge rally at my school and just make it known around the city and hopefully have the news media show up and have it broadcasted. Having racism put out so everywhere knows about it could help because maybe once people see how bad racism really and how Daly it can affect people they might start doing more to help put an end to it.Another solution I have is to email or write letters to the City Council or even to the Prime Minister and try to see if he can pass a new right about stating your opinion, that you have the right to state your opinion unless it is offensive or abusive towards others. I’ll give one more of my ideas of how to possibly stop racism or at least help to stop it.

The third way to help is to create a large petition to stop racism all together, just be done with it and print multiple copies and have them placed all over the city, at every location hat allows me to me.

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