Cross-curricular • Moral and civic education: to

Cross-curricular themes are a really relevant teaching-learning process, as they should include all areas of knowledge. Its dynamism is clear if we think that competences are not acquired at a specific moment, but in a continuous changeable process. Cross-curricular elements can be defined as a set of attitudinal contents which must cover all the learning areas and school stages and they are closely related to the general objectives established by the current legislation.

By means of different topics, we will include all of them in very different ways in our programme, as it can be seen in the full development of each lesson plan. • Moral and civic education: to help students develop standards of civic and social behaviour, self-confidence, respect for and interest in others, cooperation and positive values. • Education for peace: to encourage students to be tolerant and respectful to one another. • Environmental education: to develop respectful attitudes towards nature and the environment.

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• Education for sexual equality: it is important to promote non-sexist attitudes among students, favouring equal roles between the sexes. • Health education: makes students aware of good habits and hygiene in order to lead a healthy life. • Consumer education: students need to know the importance of having a critical attitude towards shopping and ethical trade.

• Sex education: students should be aware of the importance of emotional relationships between adolescents. • Road safety education: students need to know and respect the road code for their own safety and for the safety of others.The English subject offers students many chances to reflect on cross-curricular themes and they are all included in the 15 lesson plans.


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