Cristy: The Alcoholic Meth Addict essay

This episode is a real life glimpse into alcohol ND methamphetamine addiction and how it affects the whole family. Crisis has been an alcohol and methamphetamine addict for over ten years. She was born into a close knit Catholic family and had a good childhood. Crisis was once a popular and energetic girl who loved to sing and dance. She was nominated for homecoming queen and wanted to be a clothing designer. Of course this was all before she became addicted to alcohol and crystal methamphetamine. Critics story, like so many others is heart-breaking because she is so very lost in her addiction.

Sacristy’s story is also a glimpse into he family life of an addicted person. I could see that Critics family truly loves her and would do anything for her. Her family’s love makes them try and continue to help but they are just enabling her addiction. The family members, especially her father, enable her because of the guilt from divorcing her mother when Crisis was young. As a child, Critics parents were divorced when she was nine and that is apparently what paved her way to a trouble filled future. She began using alcohol and crystal methamphetamine and became addicted at age thirteen.

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She also became addicted to speed thou her mother’s knowledge, which happens so many times in families today. Crisis became a totally different person, from not caring about authority to staying out late, and fighting with her mother. She moved to Los Angels to live with her father when she was eighteen after continued rebellion with her mother. Sacristy’s addiction continued in Los Angels under the nose of her father, who like the mother, did not know of the addiction. She dressed in clothes that exposed her body and she began going to “raves”.

Her father just thought “she was going to a dance”, not knowing that there as drug activity and drinking going on. Her addiction continued to spiral out of control. After losing jobs because of her alcohol and drug addiction, she began working as a stripped. At one point in the episode she stands in front of liquor stores asking men to buy her alcohol. Methamphetamine is definitely one of the worst drugs to get hooked on it is because a physically and mentally inhibiting drug. This drug plus alcohol seriously changes the whole makeup of the brain.

This episode shows the effects on the person and family of this terrible drug. Crisis has a pretty bad case of alcohol and temptations induced psychosis. At times, she believes she is the “sister of Jesus Christ and other times, she’s Satin’s sisters according to her father. During one point in the show, she tries to explain her “deep” theories to the camera man, saying in the episode, “I’m an Angel I am GOD TRAPPED in The Form of a Human Body GODS eyes None of you can take that away from me ever None Of you. She is also Seen walking around outside of her house completely naked. This episode series is called “Intervention”, which is the next thing that happens in the episode. With her family thinking that she is owing to overdose or disappear at any point, they ask for help. Her sister Jaime says, “Please help her. We are desperate. ” Ken Seller offers the family an intervention opportunity with words of support and guidance. Sacristy’s intervention is a surprise intervention staged by the family, friends and Ken Seller.

The family pretends there is a party which entices Crisis to come. When coming in, Crisis is welcomed with hugs to help keep her calm and to keep her from leaving. The intervention becomes volatile when Crisis is told the nature of the meeting. Mr.. Seller tells Crisis that the gift the family is offering her is a paid stay at a treatment facility in Florida. She immediately says no and tries to leave making her father hold her against her will so she will listen to them. She is then given an ultimatum of treatment or jail reminding her of a previous short stay in jail.

She finally agrees to go the Behavioral Health of Palm Beaches in Lake Worth, Radio. After becoming disruptive, Crisis left the treatment after only staying thirty days. She is confronted by her family once more telling her she did not commit to their agreement. Crisis says she got the message of “don’t do drugs. She is again given her the chance to re-enter the treatment facility or jail and she chooses jail. Crisis was then led into the jail where the judge also offers treatment for two years or ninety days in jail.

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