Creative sparks talk analysis essay

Teachers in the school systems emphasize to the dents what is wrong instead of embracing the creativity the students display when they are deriving to an answer or figuring out a question such as algebra. Schools and even the work places people are frighten to be wrong, if you make a mistake it is the worst thing that can ever happen. Making mistakes can bring on a creativity, because often times you learn how to do something else out of the mistake made. Mr.

. Robinson spoke about a little girl who parents thought she had a learning disorder based on what her teacher would say about her being hyper and couldn’t sit steel.Her mother enrolled her in a dance class and she excelled. She became a famous dancer; a doctor would have given her medication and told her to come down.

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We don’t go into curiosity; we grow out of it because of the way we are taught. We are taught to do things a particular way instead of asking us to figure it out. Curiosity brings you to imagination. The topic relates to how the concept of imagination and curiosity can help our future generation become successful if given the right tools.

We need to rethink the fundamentals principals on how we teach our children.Each child learns different they deed to be exposed to thing that will enhance their creativity. There are several things that were brought to my attention as I watched the 19 minutes video.

One is that we as parents are programmed to point out and discipline and or correct when we discover something is incorrect with our children’s homework or the way they do house choirs. Teachers will tell you when your child is not doing well in school or if you child is different from others. However, they will not tell you when he or she will do something outstanding like being creative on a paper.My son’s favorite subject is math and could to understand how he was failing his math class. I asked him to explain to me what he was doing to get the answers.

She showed me, it was a different method the teacher wanted the student to follow. Because he taught his self to figure out the answers taking a creative approach she marked it wrong. The concepts in this video helped me understand how to let my son come gather his imagination and creative thoughts to figure things out instead of pointing out what’s wrong let him know it’s okay to be wrong, that is how people learn and come up with other ideas.

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