Creative Hero essay

Steve Jobs In reinventing Apple, a struggling computer company, Steve Jobs encouraged and abetted the reinvention of several industries that had also fallen on hard times. Apple not only invented cool new gadgets such as the pod, pad and phone but new ecosystems tunes, APS that offered a lifeline to struggling established industries, as well as immense opportunities for upstart entrepreneurs.

Tunes created a venue and method for music and entertainment companies, who saw their sales and futures threatened by digitization and the easy piracy it enabled, to reach new audiences and develop an entirely new business model. Steve Jobs, design was never for his sake, but for shaping of experiences. He thought as a marketer but also as a consumer. And, from that vantage point, he understood how to simplify design and make devices part Of our everyday experience, thereby enabling people more enjoyment of their complicated lives.

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He believed in simplicity as means of engaging people and letting them feel close to something as overwhelming as technology and for those reasons he should be included with other critical, creative thinkers. Steve Jobs shares similar creative processes as the great Question Traction and Marina Gimbals in particular facets. For these creative individuals, creativity was about pushing boundaries, applying intuition, and keeping it simple. They share this genius in how deceptively uncomplicated it seems.

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